A Basic Guide to Root Canal Treatment

    A Basic Guide to Root Canal Treatment

    Root canal treatment

    Nothing looks, feels and functions like your natural teeth and with the right care, your smile could last a lifetime.

    Sometimes problems like decay disease, or injury may occur which can make your teeth more susceptible and can lead to serious dental problems.

    When a tooth has severe decay or injury, one option of saving a tooth is through a procedure named root canal treatment also known as endodontic treatment.

    Endodontics is a specialised branch of dentistry focused on treating disease or injury to the dental nerves and blood vessels.

    Healthy Tooth
    Tooth anatomy
    Diseased Tooth
    Diseased tooth anatomy

    Endodontists are dental specialists with advanced training in root canal treatment. They are using the state of the art of new technology such as microscopes and digital imaging to save your teeth in a quick, comfortable and pain -free way.

    How is root canal treatment performed?
    1. Your endodontist will administer an injection to make the tooth numb so you won’t feel any pain.
    2. A small shield is placed over your mouth to isolate the tooth and keep it dry and clean.
    3. A small opening is drilled through the crown of your tooth and the diseased fragements are removed using very fine instruments
    4. The canals are cleaned and disinfected with an antiseptic solution
    5. The canals are then filled with root canal material
    6. The opening is sealed and closed with a temporary filling until it is sealed with a permanent filling or a crown


    The treatment above is routinely completed in one visit but occasionally, a second visit maybe required. An alternative to root canal treatment will be extraction of the tooth. However, saving your natural tooth will be the best option because nothing functions as well as your natural teeth. A tooth that has had a successful root canal treatment could last decades and will allow you to continuously smile with confidence.