Can I have dental implants if I smoke?

    can I smoke with dental implants

    Can I have dental implants if I smoke?

    Dr Ope Sodeinde answers the question which is often asked by smokers who are about to receive dental implants.

    In addition to the many medical problems caused by smoking, there is a lot of evidence to show that smoking causes gum disease around dental implants. This will lead to loss of the dental implant(s). So to protect your investment, we would advise you not to smoke.

    We certainly are happy (and have had lots of success) treating smokers but we just ask you to accept that the process will not be as smooth as if you did not smoke.

    I also get asked if e-cigarettes or shisha is better than cigarette smoking. As far as I am aware there is no scientific research about e-cigarettes OR shisha affecting dental implants but I would suspect that it has similar effects to cigarette smoking.

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