Case Study – Severe Gum Disease on a Molar Tooth

Case Study – Severe Gum Disease on a Molar Tooth

This relatively young and pleasant patient referred to us by his hygienist because the hygienist was concerned about the extent of bone loss associated with the penultimate tooth in the upper left. Further investigations revealed that the bone loss was due to gum disease but the tooth was not loose.

The treatment options are either replacement of the tooth with a dental implant OR gum surgery and root canal treatment to save it. The presence of a gum specialist (Dr Ope Sodeinde) and a root canal specialist (Dr Neha Patel) meant that we recommended saving a tooth that some other colleagues would have thought needed to be replaced.

As a team, we are committed to saving teeth because this is what most patients want and because we have the skills to do so. The patient was extremely happy with the result

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