Case Study – Stabilising a Denture in a 92 Year Old

This patient is a long-standing patient of the practice and had long-standing lower denture problems. They were loose and unstable. Our patient was 92 years old with some understandable medical issues. After 9 months of monthly domiciliary visits (because she was understandably frail), the patient, her family and I agreed to organise an appointment in the practice where I could place 3 dental implants to help stabilise the denture.

The scientific evidence for the use of dental implants to stabilise lower dentures is now so widespread and strong, the World Health Organisation now recommends this treatment for all patients without lower teeth. In our opinion, the ability to eat is a human right and all patients with problem dentures should call us at London Dental Specialists.

As expected, she was truly ecstatic with the results. Please look out for the next blog post for what I did in the upper jaw.

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