Patient Story – Gum Surgery in London

    Gum Surgery in London

    Suboptimal oral hygiene leads to the accumulation of toxins and an exaggerated immune system reaction which leads to bone and eventual tooth loss due to gum disease (periodontitis). This is because the immune reaction leads to the gums pulling away from the teeth, forming periodontal pockets, or spaces between the teeth and gums. When these pockets become infected and deepen, more gum tissue and bone are destroyed. Eventually, this destruction will cause your teeth to become loose, and you may even have to remove them. Symptoms can be varied across the spectrum — from extreme pain to some experiencing no symptoms at all.

    Gum Disease Patient Background

    Lucia was referred to see Dr Ope by an excellent hygienist after having a lot of various treatments (including gum surgery by another colleague) over the years to control her periodontal disease. She was very anxious about the health of her gums and all she wanted was to keep her natural teeth for as long as possible and avoid the need of dental implants. We were very happy to oblige because we believe in saving teeth.

    Smile Enhancement Treatment Process

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    Gum Disease Examination

    Lucia had a comprehensive dental examination that revelled severe gum pockets that affected all back (molar) teeth, severe bone loss. Fortunately, her teeth were not loose and her hygienist is to be thanked for a prompt and efficient referral.

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    Periodontal Surgery

    Dr Ope has performed gum surgery on all her back teeth for treating Lucia’s gum disease.

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    Root Canal Treatment

    Dr Neha has successfully saved some of Lucia’s teeth through root canal treatment. This was needed due to the severity of the gum disease.

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    Routine Dental Appointments and Dental Hygiene Maintenance

    The patient attends hygiene appointments every 3 months.

    Successful Gum Disease Treatment Results

    Gum Surgery before and after

    Lucia is enormously grateful to the team at London Dental Specialists for all the dedication and ability to save her teeth. She is very diligent with brushing and flossing every single day and doesn’t miss any dental appointments. We were only able to create this exceptional result because Ope & Neha work in the same practice and are therefore able to create exceptional results. Gum surgery costs approximately half the price of dental implants

    Gum Surgery Before and After

    These are the upper and lower back teeth on the left side. The lines in the picture on the right represent where the gum used to be before gum surgery. You can see the gum recession in comparison with the picture on the left. The roots are now properly exposed which makes cleaning much easier and the Lucia can be confident that she can keep her teeth and avoid dental implants

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