Dental Advice for Wedding Preparation

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Dental Advice for Wedding Preparation

Wedding planning: How long do I need to plan for a flawless bridal/wedding smile

With around 200,000 weddings postponed since March 2020 there are very many couples desperate to finally say their vows in front of their friends.  Brides and Grooms were finally offered some good news when Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced his roadmap out of lockdown number three: weddings can occur after 21st June.

Although it offers a tentative start, it means couples will be able to start planning their special day with a degree of certainty.

One thing is for sure – It’s time to consider your new smile!

For many brides, grooms and guests, having the perfect smile on your wedding day is high on the priority list.

Whether it’s something simple (in the hands of an expert) like straightening teeth or getting the right shade of white, there are plenty of options and methods to consider.

How long should you plan for cosmetic treatment for a flawless wedding smile?
Whitening: 2-3 weeks

Whitening can take just two to three weeks, depending on how white you want to go. Whitening should ideally be done one month before the wedding and then a little top up three or four days before the day.

Ceramic Veneers or Composite Veneers: 4-6 weeks

Many brides choose porcelain veneers to help give them a flawless bridal smile. These are tiny (0.3-0.5mm thick) shells of ceramic, which are glued or bonded onto the teeth.

We always advise tooth whitening first. Bonding can only commence two weeks after whitening is completed because as the teeth need time to settle. To see an example of minimal drilling for porcelain veneers, click here. In section 4, the picture on the left was taken after drilling.

Teeth Straightening: 3-18months.

To plan your smile makeover, you need to allow at least 3-18 months. Moderate to severe misalignment (crowding) of teeth requires time to align and straighten. Cosmetic teeth straightening can be done with tooth-coloured fixed braces, invisible fixed (lingual) braces or Invisalign.

Dental Implants:  3-6 months

If you have numerous teeth missing or just one single tooth, your best option is to go for an implant. Implants are hugely popular with the parents of the bride. Dental implants completely replace a missing tooth. They are surgically placed into the jawbone and it takes a minimum of 3 months to heal and fuse with the surrounding tissue. Depending on the complexity of the case and healing time, treatment can take 3-6 months. To see some examples of stories of patients who have had dental implants, please click here and scroll down to patient stories.

Don’t forget your maintenance.

Once you’ve achieved your perfect smile, please ensure you see a dentist and hygienist 2-4 times per year for maintenance.

A regular trip to see the dentist and hygienist are extremely important to maintain a wonderful smile. It is also essential to wear your retainers to stop your teeth from returning to their original state.