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What your patient should expect at their consultation


Over the years, we have thought long and hard about how to structure our practice activities to create a patient experience where they feel that have been fully and accurately informed of ALL aspects before we start any kind of treatment.


Giving a patient full generic information (as happens on many non-dental websites) is very difficult and confusing for the patient and we have chosen not to do this on our website. Because we have chosen to have different types of specialist dentists (where every dentist has a minimum of 1 masters degree in their chosen speciality), providing this kind of generic information in advance of a consultation is likely to be even more confusing because of the highly specialised nature of our dentists. Therefore, you can be sure of a number of things when your patient comes to London Dental Specialists for a consultation:

  • The information that they receive at the first consultation will be very accurate for them and it will give them all the options. This is because of the different types of specialities (periodontics, orthodontics and endodontics) that our patients have. In our experience, these 3 specialities cover all the different problems that patients have.
  • The information they receive will be an amalgamation of the expertise of 3 specialists (not just the one they see) because we are constantly discussing their individual treatments with each other.
  • They will receive a written, personalised treatment plan explaining the rationale of our agreed treatment recommendations. This information will be given to them in a way that they understand and it is our responsibility to ensure that this is the case.
  • The written and personalised treatment plan will contain an estimate of fees that does NOT change. Your patient will be told about different ways to pay.
  • All patients are entitled to as many subsequent appointments (with the relevant specialists) as they need to make an informed decision of the treatment option that is right for them.
  • The success of all treatment plans depends on perfect harmony between the efforts of the dentists and those of the patients. All patients will be absolutely clear about what they need to do to ensure that their dental treatments last for as long as is humanly possible.
  • Some/many patients wonder how they can trust the information they are receiving from a dental professional. Please be aware that:
    1. Legally, we are accredited experts in our respective fields so your patient can be assured of the quality of the information they are receiving. Specialist dentists exist so that patients can trust the information they receive by virtue of their title.
    2. We will provide that information in a way that makes common sense to your patient.
    3. We will always provide this information in a warm and friendly manner.
  • The practice owner (Dr Ope Sodeinde) takes personal responsibility for the work of everyone in the practice.
  • We have a “deal” with all of our patients. It is as follows: if you need to worry about something, we will tell you. If we do not tell you, it is because that thing you are worrying about does not matter to you”. However, we would like to know all your patient’s worries if only to put their mind at ease.
  • We also have warranties on our treatments and your patient will be aware of the terms and conditions of the warranty during our consultation process.
  • All of the above will cost £180 including any x-rays that are taken intra-orally.

We think our consultation process is a great deal both in terms of the quality of time and input your patient will receive from our team and the cost at just £180.

If you would like to find out more about referring your patient to us please get in touch or just complete the referral form and we can contact you.

London Dental Specialists Team


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