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Why Having a Mentor Is Worth It’s Weight in Gold!

Why Having a mentor is worth it’s weight in gold! Take your implant training to the next level.
  • The team at London Dental Specialists make it our duty to partner with local dentists to help them aspire to become more skilful general practitioners.
  • We have experienced mentors who can give specialist tips and advice to help support dentists in their first few cases.
  • The Specialist team at London Dental Specialists is always available to discuss cases and provide feedback.
  • We will guide you in selecting cases to be treated by yourself and cases to be sent to us.


Why have a mentor?

Having a specialist by your side will:

  • Create a structured and proven pathway to develop new skills.
  • Expand existing skills.
  • Help you overcome obstacles and build on strengths and confidence.
  • Increase the likelihood of you treating the right kinds of patient for you.
  • Improve your clinical skills and achieve practice profitability with the support of the mentor.


We can offer you the support and confidence you need to engage confidently with patients and increase the numbers of patients having implants in your practice. Each mentor will provide ongoing support and feedback and guide you through those worrying initial cases to help you become a competent implant dentist.


In addition to the above, a London Dental Specialists mentor will:

  • Be a GDC-registered specialist.
  • Post-graduate training at a specialist level.
  • Have the insurance and indemnity cover
  • Lectured and provided training at the post-graduate level.


If you are ready to embark on training in 2022, London Dental Specialists provide a choice of courses for dentists, nurses and dental therapists/hygienists.

Simply get in touch with our practice manager (Agnes) who will organise a mutually convenient time for a conversation (phone/zoom). Her email is
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