10-Year Warranty on Dental Implants placed at London Dental Specialists

Yes, we do… find out how

London Dental Specialists are one of the first practices in London and the UK to offer a 10 Year Warranty on Dental Implants.

We can offer a 10-year warranty on some of our dental implant treatments, as Dr Ope has cautiously assessed the success and survival of the dental implants placed over the past 15-years.

We know that our dental implant survival rate over ten years is above 97%, which gives us the confidence to apply a 10-year warranty on many of our dental  implant treatments at the practice. The warranty is fully explained in individual cases and provided in the consent document for patients.

Please call 0207 589 7792 or send us an email info@london-dental-specialists.co.uk to find out more.
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