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Everything You Need to Treat Perio in a Nutshell!

By now, you’ll be well aware of the current promotion I’m running on my Perio Pathway Programme – Join within December 2021 and get 50% off.

Why should you consider attending the Perio Pathway Programme?

It’s a good question, and I’ve got a good answer for it.

Over my many years of working alongside dentists, I’ve noticed that there are two types of practices at any one time.

1. The first type sends perio patients to the hygienists in isolation.

The hygienist’s day is ground-hog-day and provides patients with MPR and OHI.

The hygienists know that they can do so much more but their dentists are not using them to their potential.

The hygienist is lonely, and patients are not progressing.

2. The second type of practice Is clued up! They know that perio cases can have a substantial profitable impact on their practice:

Because they know that 90% of patients will eventually get periodontitis.

Because they’ve implemented a robust perio pathway for patients that is fully integrated into their everyday practice.

They treat 80% of patients in the practice.

The practice hygiene service is a source of very many internal referral making the practice profitable.

The dentists have an integrated approach and work alongside their hygienists as a team.

The hygienist is trained to think like a periodontist and has periodontist-level skills in subgingival instrumentation.

The patient understands the severity of their current situation as is motivated for improvement.

The patients are recommending the practice due to the excellent care they provide.

I could go on, but you get the point – this second group do not just a hygiene service. They have an integrated perio service and are using it to its full potential.

And for the second group, the impact is considerable. Their perio service is more scalable, more solid and more profitable, and the hygienist feel integral to the team.

So the question is: if you’re in group one and you want to get into group two, how do you do it?

My answer? Pathway to Periodontal Excellence Course!

Online perio course gives you access to hours of perio training, meaning that you can glean all the information you need to truly get to grips with perio care and use it to grow your practice.

This means you can get the best possible team working together to improve the lives of your patients.

Still, need convincing?

Watch this FREE seminar.

What will you learn from watching this seminar?
  1. Learn the guidance you need to implement the latest periodontal classification in your practice.
  2. Receive sound advice that will re-structure your practice to treat perio patients profitably.
  3. Avoid litigation whilst strengthening relationships with those who support you, your team, and your practice.
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