Should I wear a face-covering at the dentist?

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Should I wear a face-covering at the dentist?

For more than a year, our freedoms have been curtailed to keep Covid at bay.

This is about to change, with the Prime Minister’s indication that many of the remaining restrictions in England will end on 19th July.

The details, set out last Monday, have sparked intense debate, in families, between friends and in our team concerning wearing masks.

Whatever happens next week, there are some positive activities that the pandemic has brought us over the past 18 months:

  • 1:1 video-consultations from your own home
  • Paper free pre-arrival medical questionnaires
  • Importance of washing hands


Then there are the negatives, which we are all longing to see the back of: muffled communication (from social distancing and fitted masks) and restricted appointment and staff availability.

We are guided by best practice.

While people in the UK will no longer be required to wear a face-covering in shops and other indoor venues, the Prime Minister has urged the British public to exercise “common sense”. It is important to be aware that London Dental Specialists will be both guided by the best practice standards of our governing associations and YOU – our patients.

Do or don’t wear a mask – it’s entirely up to you.

Many patients have loathed wearing a face covering, making communication and emotion more challenging to understand. However, many are comforted and would prefer to continue to wear one.

Our team will be mindful of the above and do what makes you comfortable. We will continually adapt our services to provide you with a fantastic experience.

Whatever happens, it’s important to remember; we can get through this next chapter together – happily, helpfully and healthily.

With Warm (and still virtual) Hugs!

The Team at London Dental Specialists