Fighting gum disease together – Free gum treatment for General Public!

Fighting gum disease together – Free gum treatment for General Public!

As part of this European campaign to raise awareness London Dental Specialists are opening their doors to general public and providing free treatment for up to 100 people with gum disease to mark the European Gum Health Day 12th May 2017.

We are genuinely providing cost effective specialist treatment for patients who ordinarily wouldn’t be able to afford it.

The public at large might not realise the importance of proper oral health, so it is time for us to find the best way to directly help people,” says Dr Ope Sodeinde “We need to think proactively – and encourage the public to seek our advice by providing cost effective treatment ”

If you think you need to see a gum specialist –don’t miss this opportunity.


Check the health of your gums by asking yourself the following questions:


Are your gums swollen?

Do your gums bleed when you are brushing, or when you use a toothpick or other cleaning device?

Have your gums shrunk back or receded, so that your teeth appear lengthened?

Are you aware of any loosening of your teeth?

Do you see any yellowish, pus-like fluid at the gum line when you massage your gums?

Have your teeth drifted or changed position, and have any gaps appeared between them?

Have your parents or siblings lost teeth prematurely due to tooth loosening?

If you answer yes to any of these questions – you may need to see a periodontist!

Contact us now – as you could save £400 on treatment.


Next Steps


1- Contact London Dental Specialists by 12th May 2017 – email quoting EFP17 to leave your full name, mobile number, Date of Birth and Full postal address.
2- We will book your initial assessment with our specialist Dr Ope Sodeinde  – You are required to pay for the initial assessment. Initial consultation £180: This includes plain intra-oral x-rays. if  you do require extra oral x-rays these £60.

3- Following this assessment we will book you up to 4 x FREE Non-surgical therapies (usually £100 per 45-minute session). Most patients require 4 visits.

Following your re-assessment additional treatment may be required and fee’s may apply, but this will be fully explained and authorised by you the patient.

Periodontal reassessments (always required) £150.

Professional reports to patients and dentists are complimentary.

Periodontal surgery will have to be priced individually.

Terms and Conditions

It cannot be used as part payment for other treatment • For new patients only, who have not attended the practice before. The free treatment cannot be exchanged for cash. Offer is for 4 x non surgical gum treatments with London Dental Specialists hygienist only. All treatment will be under the clinical care of Dr Ope Sodeinde • This offer can not be transferred • London Dental Specialists reserves the right to change any of these terms and conditions from time to time • Patients are required to provide their own dentists name and details so London Dental Specialists can communicate and supply any clinical reports. London Dental Specialists reserves the right not to accept patients without providing a reason. Valid until 12th May 2017.