Self Referral for Gum Treatment is not Cheating on your Dentist

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    Self Referral for Gum Treatment is not Cheating on your Dentist

    Gum disease (Periodontitis) is a more severe form of gum disease that destroys the tissues supporting the teeth and associated bone in the jaws, leading ultimately to tooth loss.

    Periodontitis affects half of UK adults, and this proportion increases as we get older.  And Approximately one in ten adults are highly vulnerable to periodontitis. It means that merely visiting the hygienist once every three months may not be enough to manage the condition. If disease management is suboptimal, it can reach an advanced stage where teeth move position or become mobile and can lead to tooth loss.

    The good news is that by referring yourself to a specialist periodontist, you are putting yourself in the hands of an expert who is highly experienced and can treat this condition.

    Why should I have the treatment carried-out by a specialist periodontist as opposed to my general dentist?

    Our regulator (General Dental Council) recognises a specialist in periodontics as having particular expertise in the management of gum diseases and dental implant surgery. Usually, these dentists would have spent 3-6 years of continual postgraduate study under close daily supervision. In addition to the regular assessments that happen during the supervision, they have to sit very stringent final examinations that automatically lead to a master’s/doctorate degree in periodontics and specialist recognition by the regulator.

    What is the success rate of periodontal treatment carried out by a specialist?

    In the hands of a verified expert: 99% of the time teeth can be saved if caught early, treated comprehensively in a compliant patient who is willing to improve their dental cleaning.

    How can I tell is my dentist is a verified expert in gum disease?

    In the UK, the only legally recognised experts in gum disease are specialists in periodontics. Ask your dentist for their registration number, click on this link (https://olr.gdc-uk.org/SearchRegister) put the number in the appropriate section, and you will be able to see if your dentist is an expert.

    Why am I not cheating on my dentist?

    Our specialist periodontist, at London Dental specialists carry out a full assessment, generates a full report of your condition. If the treatment is straightforward and can be carried out by your dentist, we will let him/her know and provide advice on the treatment.

    Why choose London Dental Specialists?

    So often, in severe cases, it requires a combination of expertise. Here at London Dental Specialists, we provide a multi-disciplined approach.

    This approach means we have the capabilities to draw upon the knowledge of 3 specialists under one roof, which means patients receive the best prognosis and treatment.