Time to banish gum disease.

Time to banish gum disease.

These 5 sessions of treatment that can banish gum disease – and straighten teeth


A remarkable treatment aimed at chronic gum disease sufferers is being provided by Dr Ope Sodeinde Specialist in Periodontics.

Dr Ope’s specialist treatment involves the mouth receiving a intense, gentle, deep cleansing which is a specialist technique (taking 7 years of training to learn).


Gum disease, the primary cause of tooth loss, affects up to 50 per cent of the population with often irreversible consequences.

Early signs of infection are swollen or bleeding gums, bad breath and sensitivity. Known as gingivitis, if caught early the condition is easily treated with professional cleaning.

But in serious cases, the gums and underlying ligaments can become infected. This condition, periodontitis, may result in the teeth moving out of alignment. It can attack without symptoms and, despite careful oral hygiene, erode the bone supporting teeth and cause gums to recede.

Our unique way  is to guide you, gently through each step of your periodontal assessment explain your condition and to provide you the best possible specialist treatment using an evidence based approach to treating you.

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What is Periodontitis?

Periodontitis is the result of deep pockets developing between the tooth roots and gum, These areas are a place where plaque becomes trapped and infections flourish.

General Dentists usually fight periodontitis through teeth scaling and root-planing, using metal scrapers to reach the roots, remove hardened yellow calculus  –  plaque that has hardened on the teeth, encouraging bacterial growth  –  and smooth the irregular surfaces to which bacteria cling.

Conventional treatment can only clean pockets which are 5mm or less –  often patients are unhappy as the gum pockets cannot be accessed easily allowing bacteria to reinfect the cleaned areas between appointments. Continued flare-ups mean extractions are the only option.


Dr Ope’s specialist treatment involves the mouth receiving a deeper clean to reach into the deep pockets.


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The treatment

Dr Sodeinde says: ‘We use a very gentle non surgical specialist technique which reaches the deep root surfaces. The infected tissue is spongier and elastic; so it is possible to gently push it back manually using tiny scoop-shaped instruments known as curettes. The gum can then be stretched just like skin, allowing us to cleanse the infected tooth underneath.

We scale and root-plane every square millimetre of every tooth and root, as deep as any pocket reaches. A thin layer of dentin, the material that cements the tooth into the gum, which will have been colonised by the bacteria and impregnated with their destructive enzymes, is scraped from the root surface. This regrows.’

The success also depends on patients maintenance programme which is a simple, painless daily hygiene regime afterwards, Brushing well and using interdental brushes, which are slim enough to be painlessly push between the teeth and into the gums to clean underneath.

‘This cleaning regime reduces bacterial re-growth by allowing oxygen to reach under the gums. Bacteria can only thrive in the absence of oxygen,’ says Dr Sodeinde.

If patients regularly attend the practice hygienist for maintenance, very rarely do patients then have repeat infections he claims. ‘We often see patients who have been advised by several dentists to have multiple extractions, and we saved their teeth,’

‘Of course, some problems can be so severe that gum surgery or tooth extraction is the only option. Our priority is to save your smile – and to give every tooth the best possible chance.

This treatment starts at just £400 –

If you cannot afford this we can help you, call us and talk  020 7589 7792


Read about how 2 of our patients life changing story of how we carefully treated their disease and restored their quality of life.


Mrs Reynolds story

Infection had caused Jennifer Reynolds teeth to separate move and protrude.

Mrs Reynolds when she first arrived:Jennifer Reynolds, a receptionist and mother of two from West London, underwent treatment in January 2015. She admits missing hygienist appointments when her children were young, but in later years ‘I flossed if I just looked at food’.

However, as Dr Sodeinde says: ‘Gum disease is genetic and can run in families, meaning that almost no matter what a patient does, or how much they clean, they will still suffer.’

Indeed, Rosemarie’s sister also had periodontitis and attended Dr Sodeinde’s clinic five years ago, saving her teeth.

In Rosemarie’s case, infection had caused her teeth to separate and protrude.

‘I had to do something. My gums didn’t bleed and weren’t sensitive, but they had started to recede,’ she says.

A conventional practitioner had advised her to have up to ten teeth removed.

‘But my sister’s teeth and gums are now fine and her dentist admits that he is stunned by her recovery,’ says Rosemarie. ‘When I found Dr Sodeinde, in Devonshire Place, London, I booked myself in.’

Rosemarie was surprised at how talented Dr Sodeinde is. ‘The dental team was so gentle it didn’t even hurt when he injected me with anaesthetic. I didn’t feel any pain, just a few moments of slight discomfort. I closed my eyes and floated off.

‘My mouth felt a little bit sensitive afterwards but that Ope explained that this may happen and over the weeks this subsided.’

The gum disease treatment starts from £600 but Rosemarie is thrilled with the results.

‘Dr Sodeinde fitted new crowns, veneers and a splint  –  a small wire  –  to the back of my teeth to keep them in place so they didn’t wobble or stick out. I have no gaps, and I feel great.’


If you are interested in the Specialist treatment follow these steps below..


1- Contact London Dental Specialists.

The best way is to call us directly on 020 7589 7792 Let us help you.

2- We will book your initial assessment with our specialist Dr Ope Sodeinde  – You are required to pay for the initial assessment. Initial consultation £180: This includes plain intra-oral x-rays. if  you do require extra oral x-rays these £60.

3- Following this assessment we will book you; 4 x Non-surgical therapies £100 per 45-minute session. Most patients require 4 visits.

Following your re-assessment additional treatment may be required, but this will be fully explained and authorised by you the patient.

Periodontal reassessments (always required) £150.

Professional reports to patients and dentists are complimentary.

Periodontal (gum)surgery will have to be priced individually. Click here for our prices and fee’s


Don’t leave it until its too late – gum disease cannot heal itself


Our aim is to guide you, gently through each step of your periodontal assessment explain your condition and to provide you the best possible specialist treatment using an evidence based approach to treating you.

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