How can I afford my extensive dental treatment?

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    How can I afford my extensive dental treatment?

    We understand that nobody plans to have advanced dental treatment, and organising the finance can be a worry. 

    Don’t let the worry of finance be a burden

    We are passionate about helping you receive the dental care you deserve and not letting cost be a barrier. We offer all the usual ways to pay for your treatment, cards, cash and cheques, but also, we will find a way to work around you and what you can afford. 

    Whilst this does not make things cheaper, it does help you manage the cost a bit better. Remember, we treat everyday people with problems that they cannot overcome. 

    Finance option

    Our most popular way of making payments affordable is interest-free (6 months) options and repayment plans for up to 60 months.  It only takes 2 minutes, and you don’t need to add any personal details, but you can calculate the exact costs to see how much you can afford.

    Available for many treatments and up to £30,000. You must be over 18 and earn an income to apply. Credit decisions will be subject to your circumstances. The application couldn’t be more straightforward.

    Our team can organise this, and our lender asks relevant but straightforward questions and your data is kept private at all times.

    Patient stories about costs and how they financed their treatment 

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    If you have any concerns about dental treatment and would like to talk to us, please contact London Dental Specialists on 020 7589 7792 or fill in our contact form.