How much is a tooth extraction?

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    How much is a tooth extraction?

    The short answer is that it can be 900-1200 GBP depending on the tooth condition and position.

    But what are the real costs of a tooth extraction?

    Once a tooth is extracted, the gap it leaves can lead other problems e.g. instability of the bite, overloading of other teeth and compromised appearance (if visible). The best way to prevent these issues is to replace the missing tooth and the most common replacement options are bridges or implants.

    Are there alternatives to tooth extraction?

    Here, at London Dental Specialists we are aim to save your teeth if it is humanly possible to do so. Our team members all agree on a conservative approach, meaning we always try to offer the less invasive or less destructive options. If a tooth is decayed or broken, but still saveable, our root canal specialist comes in the picture. A root canal treatment (>90% success rate with a specialist) can help preserve the damaged tooth for many years to come and the total cost is still less than a bridge or an implant. See here what one of our patients (Shanaz) has to say about her experience.

    What happens if the tooth was root canal treated but the treatment is unsuccessful?

    In some very rare and unfortunate situations even though the root canal specialist did their best to save your tooth, the treatment might not be successful. This is why we say that a root canal treatment is never a guarantee, but always a chance to save the tooth. But, to reassure you, we do offer a unique warrantee here, at London Dental Specialists for a situation like this: if our root canal treatment fails and we have to extract the tooth, we will deduct the amount you paid for the root canal treatment from the costs your dental implant so that you are not financially worse off. Please watch this video to learn more.

    To find out if your tooth can be saved, contact us or call 020 7589 7792.