Patient Story – Is it scary getting dental implants?

    is it scary getting dental implants london

    Patient Story – Is it scary getting dental implants?

    I was overcome with nerves and was highly anxious. I couldn't have asked for more. Ope we so kind and gentle.

    Patient background

    Marina has a beautiful smile but was sadly missing an upper back tooth. Her was concerned that her smile/bite will soon change. Marina and her dentist knew she needed to act fast and replace the gap with a dental implant hence the referral to London Dental Specialists.

    Patient Treatment

    Marina lost her tooth years ago and during that time, her bone had had been lost. Placing a dental implant was impossible without a bone graft (sinus lift) to replace the lost bone.

    The case was now more complicated than Marina had first thought. However, Marina was in the hands of an expert, Dr Ope Sodeinde, a Specialist in Periodontics. This kind of surgery is carried out regularly by Dr Ope.

    Marina was highly anxious, and her welfare was paramount. Dr Ope planned comfort and calmness with extra time for anti-anxiety strategies.

    • Implant consultations and X-rays.
    • 1st Surgery was a bone graft to replace the bone that was lost.
    • 2nd Surgery to place the implant.
    • Referral back to her general dentist.
    • Placement of the crown by her general dentist.


    We have the skills to work with highly anxious patients, Marina agreed that she was super nervous and the fear was far worse than the actual delicate surgery carried out. Dr Ope’s anti-anxiety strategies involve relaxation, guided imagery, positive reinforcement, stop-signalling and provision of all the information required to reduce anxiety.

    We provided a highly skilful sympathetic, and cost-effective approach.

    We carried out a highly successful bone graft and implant. The patient has been referred back to her general dentist for the final stage.