The Impact of Lockdown on the UK’s Perception of Smiles

The Impact of Lockdown on the UK’s Perception of Smiles

Did you know that UK lockdown has profoundly impacted the way UK adults view their smiles?

New survey data collected by the Oral Health Foundation reports the lockdown has profoundly impacted the way UK adults view their smiles.

50% of British adults surveyed responded that they dislike something about their smiles when they see themselves on Zoom.

33% of adults are concerned about the colour of their teeth.

24% of adults are now more conscious about the alignment of their teeth.

11% of UK adults feel self-conscious when smiling during an online meeting or video call.

This technology has been a fantastic tool, whether facilitating business meetings or for Grandma to see her growing grandchildren. However, it has led to us seeing our face and smile far more than we are used to.

Our smile is one of the most potent assets, where we communicate our thoughts, emotions and feelings towards one another.  Because of this prominence, the smile can also be a great source of apprehension for some people.

“The colour, shape and condition of our teeth are the first things we notice and feeling insecure is quite normal. What we surely need to be more concerned about is the health of your mouth,” Dr Ope Sodiende.

“You can achieve a healthy mouth through an effective oral hygiene routine at home and regular dental visits. The critical components of an effective oral hygiene routine are brushing twice a day with fluoride toothpaste for two minutes, cleaning in between the teeth daily with interdental brushes or floss and cutting down on how much and how often you have sugary foods and drinks”.

58% of UK adults surveyed say a smile is essential in developing friendships and relationships and believe covering the smile with a face mask during the pandemic has had a detrimental effect on forming connections.

62% of UK female population confirmed that they have been struggling to form connections with others following face masks.

As the UK starts to ease restrictions and gradually comes out of the pandemic, thank goodness, many of us are finding plenty more reasons to smile again.

Here at London Dental Specialists, we are proud to be helping patients achieve a healthy, beautiful smile.

Added Ope: “Most people don’t realise that a healthy smile is not just about pleasing aesthetics; it is about better overall hygiene,and gum health. Regular visits to see us will provide prolonged and sustained tooth health.

This research data shows that many respondents are still hiding their smiles.

If that includes you, then please book an appointment to see us. We can place you on the road to recovery if you are unhappy with your smile, if you have missing teeth, or if your gums are red and tender. We can help you enjoy the positive connection-forming benefits that come with a healthy and happy smile.”


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