New Date for Implant Training commencing 8th October 2016

New Date for Implant Training commencing 8th October 2016

If you are a young enthusiastic dentist and are looking for a subsidised Implant course for you. for further information just download the information here.

The course structure is organised so every dentists attending will be able not only plan and restore implants but in addition learn skills to market and sell implants. With the view to working as part of restorative implant team cases.

Download your information here: 2 Restorative course info 2016

Cost £250 for the whole course! The course is subsidised and mostly covered by London Dental Specialists and it is designed not for profit but to help cement the relationships between the restoring dentist, London Dental Specialists, dental laboratory and implant system provider to achieve the best results possible for patients.

Delegates will be expected to participate in treatment plan and restore on one or two of their own patients and there will be the opportunity for full discussion both within the group and also on an individual basis.

What does it mean to be part of the London Dental Specialist’s Restorative Team?

As a restorative team member, I will provide on-going support in implant dentistry, during which you refer your patients for implant placement to the London Dental Specialists. Essentially we provide training for you to become an implant restorative dentist and be part of a united team.

United team – As a team you will support each other during learning activities and in addition we will encourage open dialogue between your both, which will cement the relations between the London Dental Specialists and your practice.

Your training – I will provide the training to master the skills of basic level restorative implant dentistry during the 5 sessions outlined in the brochure.

Team training –During this training there will provide additional maintenance training for your hygienist and Lunch and Learns for your team within your practice.

Top-up support – Enhance your skills as a team through regular top-up training dates to enable you to learn more advanced techniques. One off training is just the start of your Dental implant training – we will ensure you have “top-up” training sessions every quarter.

Equipment – You will not need to buy any costly equipment, as we will give you the required restorative kit. All you’ll need to have are your impression components, usual crown & bridge materials, (impression trays and impression materials, etc.).

We are very much looking forward to working closely with you and to help you grow your skills and enhance your knowledge in this lucrative area of dentistry.

Your commitment

  • Your full commitment to attend every module (we can be relatively flexible with dates and time to suit the majority, but this does depend on the course lecturer being available).
  • Provide one or two patients from your practice for the course; this will ensure you have a case to eventually restore.
  • Agree to the terms and conditions 2 Restorative course info 2016