Patient Story – Repairing Deep Fractured Teeth Part 2

Patient Story – Repairing Deep Fractured Teeth Part 2

In this, the second of this 2-part blog, Dr Ope Sodeinde discusses the elements that must be considered when making decisions on dental treatments of this nature. As we saw in part 1, if the decay/fracture does not extend to the bone, the treatment is very simple but when it does, the options are:

  • Crown lengthening surgery and a new crown. A root canal treatment is frequently required as well.
  • Replacement with a dental implant or a bridge (if appropriate).


As part of this dental treatment, we carried out crown lengthening surgery and root canal treatment. Although we are confident that the tooth is currently healthy, the longevity of the tooth is currently uncertain but the patient was extremely happy with the dental treatment she received to help save their tooth.

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