Self referral is not cheating on your dentist – orthodontics

    Orthodontic specialist self referrals in London with Dr Ciara Ennis of London Dental Specialists

    Self referral is not cheating on your dentist – orthodontics

    One of consequences of the COVID19 restrictions on movement is a huge boom in patients seeking orthodontic treatment.

    The reasons for this are varied and I can certainly attest to the fact that I am going to start orthodontic treatment because I noticed that fact that I really do not like the alignment of my lower front teeth because of my increased use of zoom during lockdown. The questions you should ask when making the decisions are as follows:

    Why should I have treatment done by a specialist orthodontist as opposed to my general dentist?

    Specialist Orthodontists spend a minimum of 3 years full-time training doing nothing but moving teeth. As a result, they have an unparalleled understanding of how teeth move. A registered orthodontist is therefore best placed to carry out your Invisalign or fixed braces treatment. We also work in partnership with our colleagues in general practice and you will therefore always be registered with your lovely local general dentist.

    What is the success rate of orthodontic treatment?

    Assuming that the treatment plan has been made by an expert, success is guaranteed as long as the patient follows the simple advice given.

    How can I tell is my dentist is an expert in moving teeth?

    In the UK the only legally recognised experts in moving teeth are specialists in orthodontics. Ask your dentist for their registration number, click on this link (https://olr.gdc-uk.org/SearchRegister) put the number in the appropriate section and you will be able to see if your dentist is an expert.

    How long will the treatment take?

    In the hands of an expert, 3-18months on average (depending on the complexity of treatment).

    Is the treatment painful?

    In the hands of an expert, no it is not.