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    Maisie is a 24 year old who had always been unsatisfied by her gummy smile.

    Maisie simply refused smiling when she was around other people. She came to see Dr Ope after a sub optimal result by another dentist.

    Read Maisie’s gummy smile story here…

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    london dental specialists team


    Are you sensitive about your smile because you feel you show too much gum? Do you find yourself covering your teeth with your lips when a camera is near? This is a very common problem, called a gummy smile. The great news is that London Dental Specialists can treat your gummy smile and provide you with a smile you can be proud of.

    Often, there are several factors at play to produce a gummy smile and the first port of call is a full assessment from our team of experts. The gummy smile may be because the gum is too prominent, the teeth are too small or too worn or perhaps a combination of all these factors.

    Once the assessment has been made we can then discuss how this is corrected, perhaps some gum treatments, teeth movements and maybe some restoration of teeth with crowns or veneers. Again, all treatment options, time scales and costs will be discussed with you and you will only pay one consultation fee no matter how many of our team are involved or how many appointments it takes to decide on your treatment outcome.

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      What is a gummy smile?

      A gummy smile occurs when too much gum is showing when you smile, typically over 4-5 mm. Usually on smiling the very tops of the teeth are still covered by the lips. This doesn’t always need to be changed, many people normally have a gummy smile with no issues but if the appearance bothers you this can be treated.

      What are the reasons for a gummy smile?

      There can be several factors at play here and all need to be considered. You may show too much gum because of the facial proportions, or maybe the teeth are short either naturally or they have been worn down excessively. You can also have a hypermobile lip that uncovers more of the tooth than it should do. The secret to a successful solution is understanding the underlying problem. Our team are well experienced and qualified to be able do this.

      Can my gummy smile be fixed quickly?

      Treatment depends on the reason behind the gummy smile. Once we have agreed to the source of the problem we can then work with you to a solution. This may require, gum surgery to lengthen the teeth or crowns and veneers to lengthen teeth or most usually a combination of treatment. Treatment can take a while to complete as we have to wait for healing of gums and so on. We will discuss time scales with you at your initial consultation so you be reassured that you know how long your treatment will take.

      I'm unhappy with my smile but don't know why, perhaps I have a gummy smile?

      Don’t worry if you think you may have a gummy smile, you don’t need to know what is wrong with your teeth, we will manage all that! The important aspect is to get in touch with our team with your concerns so we can see you and assess the problem and provide you with a solution. For one consultation fee you have access to all our specialists, we look forward to helping you.

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      Hear for yourself the experience our patients had receiving gummy smiles treatment at London Dental Specialists

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