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    With the advent of new technology, teeth straightening, or orthodontics, is no longer the domain of just the teenager. Straightening teeth allows us to maintain tooth structure and hence maximises the lifespan of a tooth, whilst achieving the aesthetic result our patients desire.

    Teeth straightening has increased in popularity especially with the increased use of clear aligners to straighten teeth. We are fortunate to have an Orthodontist in our team who can help plan your treatments. It is very usual for teeth straightening to play a role in transformations from just moving one tooth to changing a whole arch.

    Many dentists can and do perform simple orthodontic treatments but many times we are here to help when a dentist finds themselves involved in a more complex treatment plan.

    It takes several years to train to be an orthodontist, and this is not because the placement of braces is particularly difficult, it is because the diagnosis of malocclusions is highly complex. Indeed this is one speciality where diagnosis is critical, once we start to move teeth we want to know we are heading in the right direction!

    Again, we are fortunate because if Dr Sodeinde considers orthdontics is a necessary part of your treatment plan he will bring Dr Ennis into the discussion without any further fee to you.

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    Am I too old for braces? I thought they were just for teenagers?

    Teeth can be moved into a better position at any age. We have just used the teenage years historically as a good time as it is a time of growth. However, treatment in adults will progress in the same way as in children and in many ways can be a lot quicker as adult patients tend to be more compliant and follow the rules better!

    Are braces painful?

    We move teeth with different appliances, fixed braces or clear aligners and always gently. If you have fixed braces, these can feel a bit uncomfortable to start with as they settle in but usually after a couple of days you will become accustomed to them. Clear aligners are even gentler on tooth movements and these rarely cause any discomfort.

    Will braces not interfere with my day to day activities? Will everyone know I have braces?

    Wherever possible we use cosmetic braces to straighten your teeth, this may be tooth coloured brackets, clear aligners or even brackets stuck to the inside of your teeth rather than the outside. We will discuss various treatments with you and find out about your lifestyle so any disruption is minimal but many people carry on as usual with braces and many would not know they are having treatment.

    Will I need to wear a retainer after orthodontic treatment?

    After a course of orthodontic treatment it is usual to either wear or retainer or have a retaining wire fitted to the back of your teeth. If movements are simple and small and part of a more complex treatment plan involving crowns, bridges or implants, then a retainer may not be necessary. We will discuss this with you when we plan your treatment so you can be confident you know exactly what to expect with no surprises.

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