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    We do everything we can to save teeth at London Dental Specialists and that includes helping out with Root Canal Treatments or Endodontics in teeth that your dentist may have failed to treat. We also have a unique guarantee, that if a root treatment fails and the tooth needs to be extracted we will discount an implant fee with the amount you paid for the endodontics.

    Perhaps you have a tooth that you have been told is unrestorable or perhaps you have already had a root canal treatment but the infection and discomfort has returned? We are able to help. Our endodontic specialist, Dr Patel is incredibly skilled and able to save many teeth that would have previously had to be removed. As a specialist practice we have access to equipment and materials that most dental practices do not have, such as a magnifying microscope.

    Root canal treatments can be incredibly complex due to the nature of the anatomy of the root structure but using a microscope allows Dr Patel to visualise areas not seen before.

    You may have a tooth that has been causing you considerable pain that has now led you to be quite anxious about your dental care, we are also able to offer sedation should this be required, either by a tablet or some medicine injected intra-venously.

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      Is Root Canal Treatment painful?

      Root canal treatments do have a bad reputation for being uncomfortable but that is due to many reasons, often to do with the start of the problem and an abscess being the reason for treatment. With the advent of new technology and our specialist care we are able to offer you a predictable, pain free treatment with excellent outcomes.

      How long does root canal treatment take?

      During your consultation we will be able to plan whether your case requires 1, 2 or more appointments. If a tooth has multi-roots or has been problematic beforehand will determine how long your treatment will take. You can be reassured though that we will keep you informed as your treatment progresses so you have no surprises.

      Can endodontics save my tooth?

      We do everything we can to save your teeth and will explain to you the process of root canal treatment and what to expect. If we think a tooth is a lost cause we will let you know and discuss alternative solutions. If we start working on a tooth and the root treatment fails, which can happen, and we need to extract, we will offer a dental implant instead and reduce your fee by the cost of the root treatment. This is a unique guarantee and one we stand beside.

      Do I need to have a crown when my tooth has been root treated?

      It is usual to restore a tooth after a root treatment with a strong restoration such as a crown or an inlay. This can be carried out by our team or your own dentist depending on other treatment that may be required. We will discuss all the options with you at your initial consultation appointments and liaise with your own dentist if necessary.

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