Training of Dental Hygienists

Training of Dental Hygienists

As professionals we are often faced with challenging decisions within our day-to-day practice; How can I treat this patient effectively for their periodontal disease? Does this patient need specialist periodontal treatment? Should this too be extracted and replaced with a dental implant? what are the implications of not referring?

As a specialist, my door is always open to the dental profession and I am often consulted and asked for second opinions and more increasingly dental hygienists are seeking my advice.

It is my intent to become a resource for dental hygienist by providing a frequent study club where hygienist can meet and discuss their updates on the latest advances in periodontics and implants and to perhaps answer some of these dilemmas, and assist them in your professional capacity.

Hygienist study club begins on Wednesday 1st November 2017 – in University of Westminster.

If you are a hygienist and you would like to come along – please get in touch or book onto our club.

Book directly:

Dr Ope Sodeinde

Specialist in Periodontics