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Pathway to Periodontal Excellence

Excellent webinar which every dental professional should watch about periodontal excellence in practice.

We have all witnessed the doubling or quadrupling of patients who are developing periodontal attachment loss during the lockdown. 

Every practice should expect more periodontally compromised patients. Which means you should have a clear and defined pathway for treating the increase of patients.

If you don’t have a plan or approach. Please join us at our next periodontal course where we will teach you how to:

Create an ethical perio pathway strategy for your practice and patients.

Fully understand and integrate the new periodontal classification.

Develop new practical periodontal skills.

Treat 80-85% of periodontal patient within your practice, on your own and without ever speaking to a specialist.


Create a win: win situation for dentists, hygienists and patients.

Develop the knowledge and the skills to establish trust in a way that serves your patients best.

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    specialist dental clinic london
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    FREE Periodontal Educational Webinar

    Register now for this 90-minute FREE educational webinar, where you will learn the top critical periodontal issues faced in dentistry today.

    On completion of this webinar, you will have good overview of how to implement a robust periodontal patient pathway within your practice.

    Plus, we provide an good insight into, why you need to attend Periodontal Excellence Three-Day Course.

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