Why do gums hurt after cleaning?

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    Why do gums hurt after cleaning?

    Our patients told us that they have avoided deep cleans by dental hygienists in the past because of the sensitivity they have experienced after the treatment, until Dr Ope Sodeinde explained the reasons behind the gum pain and sensitivity.

    This is a very common question and a very common cause of strife between hygienists and patients but I`d like to reassure you that this is a sign that the dental hygienist has done a good job. This is because hygienists remove tartar (hardened plaque) during the treatment to make it less likely that you will get gum disease in the future. This tartar removal exposes normal microscopic holes in the root, hence the sensitivity. If this is not done, gum disease will ensue. Hardened plaque is also difficult to remove hence the transient gum soreness that can happen.

    The good news is that there are various things that can be done to help the sensitivity or gum soreness.

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