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    We want you to be able to access the best quality care to transform your dental health. Our London Dental Specialists team encompasses skills and expertise from all the areas in dentistry needed to provide the most up to date and advanced care in the dental world.

    Whether you are concerned about a missing single tooth or have a complex long standing gum problem, we can help. From single tooth implants to a full mouth rehabilitation, we can help you achieve the best dental health possible. We treat everyday people with problems that they and their dentist cannot overcome. You can book your own appointment with our team to discuss your dental concerns or you can ask your dentist to refer you for care. If you don’t have a dentist then that is no problem, just call or message to book in and start your journey with our team.

    Concerns you may have
    • Missing teeth and unsightly gaps
    • Bleeding gums and bad breath
    • Loose teeth that are deteriorating
    • Ill fitting dentures with difficulty eating and chewing
    • Crooked teeth and generally unhappy with the way your teeth look
    • Worn teeth that are disappearing
    • Gummy smile or gum recession
    • Broken down teeth with abscesses and recurring infection
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    dr ope Sodeinde london dentist

    Dr Opeoluwa Sodeinde

    Principal Dentist – London Centre for Periodontics & Implant Dentistry
    Specialist in Periodontics

    During his final year of Dental School at Manchester University Ope treated a patient who had an enamel defect they had been born with, called Amelogenesis Imperfecta, a notoriously difficult condition to treat. His patient didn’t speak much and finally after a year of treatment and a fabulous transformation his patient started to speak and wouldn’t stop!  It was this experience that profoundly changed Ope’s thinking about his chosen profession. He realised he had been given an opportunity to change peoples’ lives. He also knew that to do this he would need to embark on further study and gain more experience and so began Ope’s journey to become a specialist. Since 2012 he has been working from our beautiful clinic in Central London changing lives and seeing lots of happy smiles!

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    Our Approach

    We have a multi specialist collaborative team approach at London Dental Specialists that enables you to receive all the care you need to transform your teeth in one place.


    One of the first things you will notice about our team is their warmth, not just with you, our patient, but with each other. We respect and value our patients and each other and genuinely love what we do.


    By working together as a team you can be certain that you will receive the care you need not just the care that is available. Once we have assessed your dental problems we can involve any number of our specialists in your care, be that needing cosmetic, root canal, gum disease or dental implant care.

    london dental specialists team

    Our Philosophy

    London Dental Specialists exists to change the lives of our patients and referring dentists by providing the very best dental service available in the world.

    London Dental Specialists Values. All our team:

    Have a love for dentistry

    Are engaging and warm with patients, referrers and each other

    Exercise diligence in everything we do

    Have robust professional ethics

    Have a desire to really really really want to be at the top of their game

    Have a willingness to adapt and help in all situations.