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Endosseous implants, a key aspect of oral care, are experiencing an incredible transformation in London. This change comes from the unique combination of cutting-edge technology and superior dental skills, found at the prominent London Dental Specialists. We are located in the scenic area of Primrose Hill, pioneers in implementing innovative dental procedures. Our team is composed of dedicated and experienced professionals who are leading the way in their field.

Best Dental Implant Clinic London (Primrose Hill) Near Me

London Dental Specialists, located in Primrose Hill, is striving for excellence in the field of tooth implants. This ambition is backed by a stellar 5-star Google Business rating, showcasing our dedication to top-notch quality. We have a team of skilled dentists who are experts in their field. These professionals have assisted numerous patients from all corners of London in achieving captivating smiles.

The clinic's state-of-the-art CT scanners and digital treatment planning tools help in providing customised treatment plans for each patient. For those who may feel nervous or anxious, London Dental Specialists offer sedation options. We also provide a 10-year warranty on their dental implants, a testament to their confidence in the quality of their work. The clinic's robust reputation stems from the glowing testimonials of their satisfied patients who have experienced first-hand their exceptional services.

Tooth Implants for Missing and Damaged Teeth

Endosseous implants offer a powerful solution for missing or damaged teeth, a problem that affects life quality significantly. London Dental Specialists deliver this robust, enduring remedy. These implants mimic the natural teeth, maintaining the organic smile, allowing the savouring of loved cuisines, and halting the discomfort from moving teeth.

Let's delve into the effect of dental implants with this table:

Dental Implants Impact Emotional Outcome
Smile restoration from missing teeth Confidence boost
Ability to eat favourite food regained Pleasure in dining and social gatherings
Halted discomfort from moving teeth Mental tranquillity

We invite you to join our community at London Dental Specialists. We aim to rejuvenate not only your smiles but also your overall life quality.

Dental Implant Specialist Near Me

Dr Ope Sodeinde, as a principal dentist, stands out among dental implant professionals. His recognition as a Specialist in Periodontics by the General Dental Council highlights his expertise. His experience in dentistry spans over 20 years, a period during which he has perfected the craft of dental implantology. The result? Precision, high-quality, and successful dental implants.

Dr Sodeinde's membership in the British Society of Periodontology & Implant Dentistry confirms his dedication to continuous learning. He stays updated with the latest standards in the field. As a lecturer on Cosmetics and Implantology, he shares knowledge both nationally and internationally. This positions him as a prominent figure in the dental field.

Through Dr Sodeinde's efforts, London Dental Specialists has become a top dental implant service provider. We represent excellence in the dental industry in London. We deliver high-quality dental implants, thanks to the expertise of our principal dentist.

Implant Treatment Process in (Primrose Hill) Near Me

London's dental implant treatment is a detailed and precise process. The main dentist, Dr. Ope Sodeinde, a specialist periodontist, first conducts a comprehensive consultation. Here we evaluate the oral health of the patient and their suitability to undergo the dental implant procedure.

Once your questions are answered, we then start treatment. Usually, teeth can be removed and the implant placed on the same day under local anaesthesia. After this, we allow for a healing period. During this time, the implant integrates with the bone tissue. Lastly, we place the dental crown. This final step restores the tooth's natural appearance and function.

At London Dental Specialists, our goal is to deliver top-notch dental care. We use cutting-edge techniques and equipment to ensure the best results for our patients. We believe that everyone deserves a healthy and beautiful smile.

Dental Implants Benefits & Costs

Dental implants are a commendable offering from London Dental Specialists. They serve a threefold purpose of restoring the normal function of eating, speaking, and chewing. Not only do they look pleasing, but they also provide a long-lasting solution.

Another triple advantage of these implants is the comfort, ease of maintenance, and aid in preventing bone loss and gum disease. Costs come into play when considering the number of teeth replacements, gingival grafting and/or bone grafting.

  • Single teeth cost £4000 approximately
  • Multiple teeth cost £3500-£3750 each approximately
  • All-on-4 (full mouth implants) cost £21,000-£25,000 approximately

The beauty of dental implants lies in their threefold advantage - functionality, aesthetics, and longevity. This dental solution offers a natural look while taking care of oral health. Keep in mind that the price tag attached depends on individual dental needs and additional procedures for enduring implant health.

But don't worry, the dental experts will walk you through the procedure, answer your queries, and explain the cost structure during the consultation. Thus, dental implants are not only a pathway to a confident smile but also a strategic investment in long-term oral health.

How do dental implants work?

Dental implants, an established solution for tooth restoration, are tiny titanium screws that take the place of the root section of a lost natural tooth. This procedure is detailed and involves four critical steps:

  1. Surgeons insert the titanium implant into the jawbone. This implant forms a bond with the bone, creating a robust foundation.
  2. Next comes the attachment of the abutment. This small connector post will hold the new tooth firmly in place on the implant.
  3. Dental professionals then take impressions of your mouth. These impressions are necessary to craft a custom crown.
  4. The final step is the attachment of the crown to the abutment. This crown is designed to match your other teeth, both in looks and function.

A successful implant results in the comfort and assurance of having natural teeth. This process helps maintain the overall structure of your face.

Our State-of-the-art Primrose Hill Implant Practice

Our Primrose Hill practice showcases the finest in modern dentistry. The practice sits in the heart of Central London and houses an expert team of dentists. These specialists create stunning, healthy smiles. Our award-winning clinics use top-notch dental implants for the best outcomes. CT scanners at our facility ensure flawless implant positioning. We also offer custom treatment plans for each patient.

We recognize that dental anxieties can be a concern, so we offer calming sedation options. We offer a robust 10-year warranty on our dental implants, reflecting our dedication to long-lasting dental health and patient satisfaction. Trust in our team's ability to deliver superior dental care. Our clinics are a symbol of dental excellence, where we combine advanced technology and expert care to create the perfect smile for every patient.

Our latest video testimonials

Patients talk about their experiences with our dental implants in our latest video testimonials. They mention the Primrose Hill practice and its advanced facilities. These stories include:

  1. Robert's All-on-4 Dental Implants
  2. Leigh's Life Changing Endosseous Implants
  3. Helen conquering dental fear with tooth implants
  4. Emmanuel's incredible endosseous implant story

The testimonials endorse our dedication to skill and patient comfort. They also highlight our ability to create a welcoming environment for our patient community, resulting in an unmatched dental care experience.

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Dental Implants FAQ

How Much Is a Tooth Implant in London?


ou can expect to pay between £2,000 and £6,500 for a single tooth implant in the vibrant city of London. This price tag changes depending on the specific needs of your dental health, the complexity of your case, and the quality of materials chosen for the procedure.

Can I Get Full Implants on NHS?


The NHS, known for providing essential health services, typically doesn't incorporate full dental implants into their coverage. This often leads patients to explore solutions in private dental clinics. These clinics are renowned for their tailored treatment plans, offering a more comprehensive approach to implant care.

How to Get Free Dental Implants UK?


ree dental implants, though not a service the NHS provides, can be found with diligent research. Dental schools, for instance, are institutions where such services might be offered. Charitable organizations, too, may provide these medical aids. Outreach programs also serve as potential sources for dental implants. However, remember that availability might be limited. Keep researching and stay positive, the right opportunity awaits.

Why Do Implants Cost so Much in the Uk?


The price tag on implants in the UK is high due to the overhead expenses. These can include the cost of running the dental practice, from rent to utilities to staff salaries. Compliance with regulations is another aspect. Dental professionals must adhere to strict guidelines for patient safety, which requires ongoing education and certification. Advanced training for these professionals is also a component. They need to stay up-to-date with the latest techniques and technologies to provide the best care. The use of premium materials and cutting-edge technology helps ensure the quality of the implants, but it also adds to the cost. Location and demand also play their part. Practices in more affluent areas or areas with high demand for implants may charge more. Overall, the cost reflects the quality of care and the resources needed to provide it.

What are dental implants and how do they work?


Dental implants are artificial tooth roots that are surgically placed into the jawbone to support replacement teeth or bridges. They provide a strong foundation for fixed or removable teeth that are made to match your natural teeth.

How long does the dental implant treatment in London usually take?


The duration of dental implant treatment in London can vary depending on individual cases. On average, the process can take 3-9 months depending on the case.

Where can I find an affordable tooth implant clinic in London?


There are several endosseous implant clinics in London that offer competitive prices for their services. It is recommended to research different clinics and inquire about their pricing and payment options.

Are dental implants in London a permanent solution for missing teeth?


Yes, dental implants offer a permanent solution for missing teeth. With proper care and maintenance, dental implants can last a lifetime and provide a natural look and feel similar to real teeth.

What is the process for getting dental implants in London?


The process of getting endosseous implants in London typically involves a consultation with a dental team, implant placement surgery, and follow-up appointments to ensure proper healing and integration of the implants.

Do dental implants in London require any special care after placement?


Dental implants require regular oral hygiene practices such as brushing, flossing, and regular dental check-ups. It is important to follow the advice of your implant dentists in London to ensure the longevity of your implants.

Where can I book a free consultation for dental implants in London?


Many dental implant clinics in London offer free initial consultations for potential patients. You can contact a clinic in London that specialises in dental implants to book your free consultation and learn more about the treatment options available.



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