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Our expert Primrose Hill endodontists offer magnificent endodontic treatments and we therefore experts in providing high-quality dental care to London's residents. These specialists ensure patient comfort and satisfaction.

Why do you need Endodontic Treatment?

The four main reasons for needing this treatment:

  1. Toothache: When tooth decay goes on for too long, it causes severe damage to the pulp chamber of the tooth. This situation calls for a root canal treatment.
  2. Dental Trauma: Sometimes, accidents or injuries expose the pulp of the tooth. This exposure makes the tooth prone to infections and a root canal treatment becomes necessary.
  3. Darkening of the tooth: This is very common after dental trauma (or old fillings) and it is caused by tooth straining from either blood products or old filling
  4. Pimple on the gum: aka gum boil that looks like a pimple or bump on your gums. They are very common and typically caused by bacteria that are often inside the tooth leading to inflammation outside the tooth

We consider your oral health our priority as an integral part of our Primrose Hill community.

Save your tooth with your Primrose Hill Endodontist

Our Primrose Hill root canal specialist offers exceptional care at London Dental Specialists. Dr. Neha Patel leads our team with over a decade of experience in endodontics. Root canal treatments are performed with high precision and care by Dr. Patel. She brings over fifteen years of dentistry experience to her practice.

Patients can find our clinic in Central London's Primrose Hill. Outstanding customer service is our pride. We value each patient and make them feel part of our dental family. We aim to save teeth and enhance smiles with our top-tier root canal treatments.

Trust in our expertise can protect your oral health. Confidence gets a boost with our treatments.

Endodontic Treatment Benefits and Costs

Root canal treatment eliminates pain and prevents further infection. This standard procedure may seem daunting but promises relief from pain. After a successful treatment, patients experience mild, temporary discomfort. Good oral hygiene can manage this discomfort.

Patients can usually return to work immediately after the procedure. This immediate return contributes to the cost-effectiveness of the treatment. Costs of the procedure can vary based on the tooth type, but remain competitive.

  1. Incisors and Premolars from £1100
  2. Molars from £1200

Endodontic treatment warranty in London

London Dental Specialists offer a unique 12-month warranty on root canal treatment to residents of Primrose Hill. The warranty demonstrates their strong commitment to patient satisfaction and quality care. Patients gain peace of mind from this warranty. It shows that the clinic stands behind its work.

The warranty also provides financial protection because (details here) it massively discounts the cost of a dental implant if the root canal fails within the warranty period. It reassures patients of the clinic's commitment to high-quality care.

The warranty helps patients feel a sense of belonging and trust. They know they are in good hands.

Your Primrose Hill Root Canal Specialist

Endodontic treatment in Primrose Hill comes with trust in Dr. Neha Patel. Her skill set and experience as an endodontist are extensive. Over 15 years, she has gained valuable experience in dentistry. An MClinDent in Endodontics, obtained in 2015, is among her qualifications. Specialisation in root canal treatments is her main focus. She boasts a stellar reputation and broad experience, demonstrating her proficiency.

Specialist Dr. Neha Patel
Experience 15+ years
Qualification MClinDent in Endodontics
Location Primrose Hill, Central London

London Dental Specialists provide secure care. As part of our dental family, we guide you on your journey to optimal oral health. Dr. Patel ensures a root canal treatment that values your comfort, health, and satisfaction.

Root Canal Treatment Step-by-Step

The procedure by Dr. Patel effectively resolves problems of damaged teeth. Here are the steps:

  1. The dentist diagnoses the need for a root canal treatment using X-rays and an examination.
  2. Patel accesses the problem area and removes the infected pulp from the root canals of the tooth.
  3. The now-empty canals get a thorough cleaning and disinfection.
  4. The final step involves filling the disinfected canals with a biocompatible material and sealing them to ward off reinfection.

The London Dental Specialists ensure each step's execution with precision and care. This leads to a comfortable experience for patients and provides effective solutions for their dental problems.

Before and After Root Canal Treatment

Endodontic treatment becomes necessary when symptoms such as severe toothache, sensitivity to hot or cold, tooth discolouration, and swollen gums are present. This procedure aims to alleviate pain and restore the health of the tooth.

After the procedure, patients typically notice relief from pain and reduced sensitivity. Regular brushing, flossing, and dental check-ups are essential to maintain the health of the treated tooth.

Symptoms Prompting Treatment Care Following Treatment
Severe toothache Pain relief
Sensitivity to hot or cold Sensitivity reduction
Tooth discolouration, swollen gums Improved tooth appearance

Your root canal appointment at London Dental Specialists

London Dental Specialists offer endodontic treatment plans uniquely designed for each patient. A team of professionals attentively plans and carries out every treatment step.

Here's your root canal appointment process:

  1. Specialists at London Dental Specialists will first diagnose your tooth condition. They will then discuss a suitable treatment plan with you.
  2. Your appointment length may vary from one to two hours, depending on the complexity of the case.
  3. Some patients might have the possibility to finish their treatment in a single extended appointment.
  4. Our endodontic treatments usually yield successful results, although success in every case cannot be fully guaranteed.

We aim to deliver top-quality care and comfort throughout your treatment.

Our State of the Art Primrose Hill Endodontic Practice

Our Endodontic practice in Primrose Hill boasts state-of-the-art technology. We use advanced CT scanners (e.g. Dentsply Sirona and Carestream Health), iTero scanners (Align Technology), and operating microscopes (e.g. Carl Zeiss) for precise and successful root canal treatments. Registered specialists form the backbone of our team, working alongside skilled dental nurses and therapists. They share a commitment to delivering exceptional service.

Patients at our clinic experience warmth and a sense of belonging. We strive to make each visit comfortable and stress-free, using top-tier equipment and a dedicated team. We offer high-quality, personalised care for each patient. This approach has earned us trust as a leading choice for root canal treatment for Primrose Hill residents.

Root Canal Treatment Video Reviews

Our 'Root Canal Treatment Video Reviews collection is filled with positive patient testimonials. Patients express their satisfaction with the results of our successful treatment outcomes at the London Dental Specialists. The exceptional care provided by our team is often praised. They ensure the comfort and well-being of patients during the root canal treatment.

  1. Mathew's excellent Journey from anxiety to success.
  2. Ingrid's success after multiple failed endodontic treatments.
  3. Shanaz almost gave up before having successful endodontic treatment at London Dental Specialists.
  4. Carlos's wonderful endodontic treatment journey.

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Root Canal Treatment FAQ

How Much Is Endodontic in London?


The tooth type determines the cost. Incisors and premolars have a price of £895. Molars, on the other hand, have a price of £945. These rates offer excellent value.

Is Root Canal Treatment Covered by NHS?


The National Health Service in the United Kingdom provides this essential service. This coverage applies when treatments become clinically necessary. In reality, only front teeth typically receive this coverage, not premolars and molars.

Why Is Endodontic Treatment so Expensive in the Uk?


The need for specialised skills justifies this cost. Advanced equipment is another contributing factor. Precision in the procedure also increases the cost. However, this treatment brings about long-term oral health benefits. It also aids in the preservation of natural teeth. Thus, considering the benefits, the cost of the treatment is a worthwhile investment.

How Urgent Is Root Canal Treatment?


Severe toothache, sensitivity, or a darkened tooth marks the urgency of root canal treatment. Root canal treatment happens immediately to save the tooth from infection spread, abscess formation, and potential loss. This immediate action ensures the prevention of these complications, keeping your oral health in check.

What is root canal treatment?


Root canal treatment, also known as endodontic therapy, is a dental procedure designed to treat infections in the pulp of a tooth. During the procedure, the dentist removes the infected pulp, cleans the root canal, and seals it to prevent further infection.

How do I know if I need a root canal treatment in London?


If you are experiencing severe toothache, sensitivity to hot or cold, swelling in the gums, or a pimple on the gums, you may require root canal treatment. It is essential to consult a dental professional, such as a dentist in London, for an accurate diagnosis.

Are root canal treatments available in Primrose Hill?


Yes, London Dental Specialists in Regents Park Road offers endodontic treatment.

Is root canal treatment a painful procedure?


With advancements in dental technology and dental care, root canal treatments are now relatively painless. Your dentist may use local anaesthesia to ensure you are comfortable throughout the procedure.

What are the benefits of endodontic treatment compared to tooth extraction?


It can save a natural tooth from extraction, preserving your dental health and oral function. It also helps prevent the need for more extensive dental procedures like surgical placement of dental implants or smile makeovers.



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