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Find out how achieving your perfect smile is more convenient than ever.
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Specialist Dentist in London

When you have a complex dental problem it can feel daunting as to where to turn.
Your own dentist may be able to help you to some extent but perhaps they are in need of more advanced clinical advice? Perhaps you feel embarrassed that your teeth are beyond repair and it is too overwhelming to consider asking for help? These are very common reasons for seeking care with our highly skilled and experienced team at London Dental Specialists, just step in and find out a little more about a specialist dentist London.

Why choose London Dental Specialists?

  • You want to be cared for by a team that is caring, considerate, as well as highly skilled and professional
  • You want a long lasting solution to your dental problems, not a quick fix
    You want to be included in every part of your treatment planning from being offered choices to discussion of costs
  • You want to be listened to in a non-judgemental way and treated with empathy and respect

As a highly skilled, trained and experienced dental team:

  • We love what we do, London Dental Specialists exists to change the lives of our patients by providing the best possible dental care
  • We exercise diligence in everything we do always acting in our patients’ best interests with professional ethics of the highest standards
  • We have a desire to really, really, really be at the top of our game with a willingness to help and adapt in all situations

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Find out how achieving your perfect smile is more convenient than ever.
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Why Choose Us

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We adopt a collaborative approach to complex dental problems which often involve several dental specialities.

When your dentist refers you to one specialist this can lead to further referrals and more costs. We are fortunate to have all the specialisms you need to be able to offer you a full choice of treatments under one roof. This collaborative approach ensures you receive the most advanced options from several specialists without multiple consultation fees.

London Dental Specialists has a Central London location but please don’t let that put you off! We treat everyday people with problems that they cannot overcome and change their lives for the better. We do not want cost to be a barrier to your receiving care and will always offer ways to spread the payments and ensure treatment is available for you at your specialist dentist London.

What our patients say

By far, Dr. Ope gave me the best treatment I could have ever received for my recessive front gum and guided me throughout the whole process. I was very nervous of undergoing surgery, but Dr. Ope not only was able to give me all the reassurance I needed, the whole experience itself was even pleasant.
Upmost professionalism along with a very human approach.
The rest of the staff was extremely friendly and always made me feel welcomed and safe.
Thank you very much.


Excellent service; nothing is ever too much trouble and there is never any sense of urgency, even when appointments over-run. Realistic and forward looking pricing system. Careful explanations and good consent process.


My son had root canal treatment. Staff were very friendly and professional. Treatment was very quick and the results have been great! Good communication before appointment, would highly recommend.


I have been a client of London Dental specialist for about 5 years, I have never been disappointed on the treatment results , the Hygienists first Jane and now Stephanie have helped me to get my gum disease under control, I have tried other hygienist twice due to been unable to attend for an appointment on a week day, and I have very much regretted going somewhere else, I not only paid a higher price but have to have the job properly done later by London dental specialist. At LDE they have highly qualified doctors and do care about their customers, and the staff is always friendly and polite. keep the great customer service!


Why was I so worried? Dr Sodeinde put me totally at ease from start to finish. My initial consultation was very comprehensive, Ope provide me with clear information on all my options, we even had a 2nd meeting to go over anything I wanted to cover at no extra cost - he was extremely professional. Great customer care. Great job!


I had a bad infection on my font teeth. Other dentists suggested me to do the dental extraction and implant. Dr Neha and Ope provide an alternative solution and saved my teeth. Rather than the extraction, they carefully operated a root canal. There is no pain except anesthesian injection at the very beginning of the operation and no pain afterwards.


I had root canal treatment and a dental implant at the end of 2019. I was feeling overwhelmed by the work that needed to be done and worried about what to do. The entire team were caring and extremely understanding of my anxiety. I really trust that my health and wellbeing are always at the centre of any treatment decisions. The procedures were carried out in a way that minimised my discomfort and the aftercare has been excellent. My subsequent hygiene appointments have been thorough - but also carried out in a way that made me much less nervous. Every member of staff is kind, patient and highly knowledgable. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend the team and will continue to return for aftercare and any future procedures.


I remain a fan so don’t mind driving all the way up from Surrey each time to see you/your team. I take comfort in all your degrees / expertise. I recall a shameful dentist trying to get me to have a gum graft at c£7k. A second opinion with yours truly showed I had plenty of gum & deep roots despite recession c/o brushing too hard – super to have such an honest practioner protect those with such a concern

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From the Blog

Please find information and updates about London Dental Specialists here plus our patient stories. Hopefully you can read about others who experienced care with our team that will give you the confidence to seek treatment with us. We welcome feedback about our stories too so please comment.
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