Patient Story - Adrianne's Dental Implant Journey

Gum Disease & Dental Implant Patient Story London

We initially met Adrianne seven years ago as she was suffering from chronic gum disease, and her dentist advised her to see a specialist in periodontics. Adrianne had several loose teeth and bleeding gums; she had periodontitis.

She was expecting to lose all but a few of her teeth due to her gum condition. However, during recent years, the team at London Dental Specialists have worked hard to maintain many of her teeth; Adrianne is super fastidious with keeping her gums clean and visiting us here very regularly to keep her gums in good condition.

But her front lower teeth had lost a vast amount of bone, and it was time to replace them with dental implants.

Gum Disease Treatment or Dental Implants?

There is never any pressure on any patients to accept treatment

Gum disease is a silent disease, and the sooner you seek treatment, the better your chances are of saving your teeth and health. 

Attending a specialist clinic like London dental Specialists means we are highly trained and experienced in performing various procedures to ensure you keep your teeth as long as you possibly can! 

After several years of splinting, repairing, and maintenance, her loose front teeth were no longer functioning as the disease had progressed, and Dr Ope advised her that it was time to replace them with dental implants.

“Yes, I will have it done..." said Adrianne "...but not yet!”

Dr Ope’s role is to help patients understand the best course of treatment. It is their right to choose whether or not to have treatment or care, and there is never any pressure on a patient to accept his advice.

It wasn’t until Adrianne decided the time was right for her to go ahead with treatment a year later.

Dental Implant Treatment Process

Same Day Teeth on Harley Street

Adrianne was very anxious indeed. But when Dr Ope started her nerves dissolved. Dr Ope explained every step of the procedure, and Adrianne could rest and manage the treatment without any sedation. The surgery took place at Adrianne speed.

Dental Implant Recovery

Adrianne went home with new lower front teeth on that same day. Patience and healing. 

Adrianne was in not great pain and took some ibuprofen that evening and was able to eat soft food. We saw Adrianne several times during the healing period to make sure it was healing nicely.

Specialist gum care during the healing period

Ongoing periodontal maintenance during the healing period and constant attendance for care with the hygienist.

Successful Dental Implant Treatment Results

Within just a few weeks of her dental implant treatment in London Adrianne had new teeth. Adrianne can eat, laugh and smile again.

Please don’t put it off! It’s not as bad as you anticipate it to be!
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