Emily's Fixed Metal Braces Journey

Orthodontics Patient Background

Emily is a 13 years old teenager, who used to be very self- conscious about her smile due to what she called her “underbite”. This is a condition (when lower teeth sit in front of the upper teeth). The underbite condition was the main caused Emily’s pain, difficulty in biting chewing and speaking.

Emily's First Impressions

As soon as she met Dr Ciara, Emily started feeling very comfortable and at ease. Dr Ciara’s welcoming and friendly approach helped our patient in easing her anxiety towards braces. She understood that the benefits of having braces outweighs the feeling of anxiety when other people stare at you for wearing braces.

Orthodontics Patient Treatment

Orthodontic upper jaw expander

A wire frame device fitted across the palate. Emily had to wear it for one year until the upper jaw was wide enough and the lower teeth were no longer sticking out.

Fixed metal braces

Our lovely Emily needed fixed braces for about a year to align her upper and lower teeth (she could have also had tooth coloured OR invisible fixed braces. Emily’s case was too severe for Invisalign as I am sure you can imagine.

Orthodontic retainers

A combination of fixed and removable retainers that Emily has to wear in order to prevent her teeth to move back to the original position.


Braces have drastically changed Emily’s confidence. She is able to chew properly and is not in pain any longer. The compliments about her beautiful smile boosted her confidence immeasurably and the who team at London Dental Specialists are just very happy to played a part in changing Emily’s life.

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