Mario’s Dental Implant Journey

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    Mario began smoking when he was a teenager and continued throughout his adult life. By the time Mario was 35, he had severe gum disease numerous gum infections followed by multiple tooth loss. He had lost the ability to chew and enjoy his beloved Greek BBQ food.

    Research shows that smokers are about twice as likely to lose their teeth than non-smokers, and male smokers lose an average of 2.9 teeth after ten years of smoking just one pack a day.

    He felt hopeless.

    Smokers and dental implants

    There is much confusion surrounding smoking and dental implants with many believing that just because they’re a smoker, they’re not eligible for dental implants. Whilst smoking can be problematic for those wishing to undertake the procedure, it doesn’t necessarily rule them out completely. Will strongly advised Mario to stop smoking. If this wasn’t possible, then at the very least, to stop for the duration of the healing process and agree to comprehensive periodontal therapy before implant placement.

    Mario agreed, and we proceeded with his treatment, firstly with his gum treatment to stabilise the chronic gum disease.

    The treatment which was agreed, provided Mario with almost 80% of his chewing capability back.

    Dental Implant Treatment Process

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    Dental implant treatment started with his gums

    Comprehensive gum treatment carried out over 12 months before implant placement: We felt it was essential to address the underlining periodontal issues before implant placement. The management of the periodontal disease increases the survival rate of the implants and treatment.

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    Replacing the missing bone for the perfect dental implant placement

    Both upper jaws required bone grafting to replace missing bone in the jawline so that the implant can be successfully implanted. 2 implants placed.

    Bone graft and Lower implant Proceeded placement one month later. 2 implants placed.

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    Time, patience and healing

    We allowed extra time for healing time due to the complexity of this dental implant case due to compromised healing caused by smoking.

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    Compulsory & absolute gum care

    On-going gum care (periodontal maintenance) throughout the healing period and ongoing attendance for maintenance with our dental hygienist at London Dental Specialists.

    Successful Dental Implant Results

    It has been four years and Mario has significantly reduced his smoking. His implants are stable, and gums disease is maintained. He religiously attends his hygienist sessions to ensure his gums are maintained.

    The case was complicated, due to the underlying smoking issues, but in the hands of the experts at London Dental Specialists, the case was a complete success.

    There are no words that explain how great I feel about chewing my food again and eating my Greek BBQ’s. Thank you to Ope and London Dental Specialists.
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