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Partnering with London Dental Specialists gives you all the training and support you need to integrate implants into your every day practice.

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What Makes Our Training Unique – A Specialist By Your Side

Dr Ope Sodeinde

Clinical Director

“I wanted to create a course that was practical and meaningful, the kind of course I would have been keen to attend when I was first embarking on the journey of restoring implants. I believe in order to truly fulfil your learning aims you need to dedicate time and have supportive teaching methods and continuous learning on real cases.”

london dental specialists team

What Makes Our Training Unique

A Specialist By Your Side

Most busy principal dentists have the best intentions to train their younger colleagues to further their clinical skills but often cannot find the time to provide their associate with on-going mentoring and guidance because of their very busy schedules.


We offer young dentists with long-term mentorship and guidance, which is essential in the further development of their dental skills, which is necessary for safe and independent practice.


in addition, our courses also help dentists expand on additional skills that are important to patient satisfaction (and therefore retention) in the long term.


These skills are:


1. Improvement in the management of patients with periodontitis.

2. Confidence and efficiency in whole mouth (as opposed to single-tooth) treatment planning.

3. Thorough understanding of occlusion.

4. Effective and ethical communication skills.

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Top 7 Mistakes Dentists Make When Getting Involved in Dental Implants

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  • 38 hours of intensive hands-on and classroom training
  • 2 Communication days on how best to ethically discuss implants as an option
  • Whats-app joint chat group for support and guidance
  • Free Restorative kit (£500)
  • On-going training and Study Club
  • Minimum of 2 mentoring 1:1 sessions with patients
  • Live surgery observation

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