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Implant Restorative Training

We support practitioners through the first five years of their dental implant careers and beyond. We expect each delegate to be restoring a case a week, which will ensure a steady growth in their clinical competence.

Specialist by your side to avoid the anxiety of litigation.

Learning never stops and following the course, we offer study clubs and mentoring arrangements which allow dentists to keep in touch with a group of like-minded individuals as they develop through their implant journey towards being competent and capable implant providing colleagues.

What does the course involve?


The Course And Beyond

We provide life-time mentorship to referring dentists to London Dental Specialists. It is our way of demonstrating commitment to working in partnership with our colleagues in general dental practice. We expect dentists to complete a logbook, to keep an audited record of their implant activity to fulfil the GDC requirements.

We know from long experience that delegates that undergo and embark in mentoring arrangements and agreements are the ones who move forwards quickly and safely to a position of restoring over 50 implant cases a year.

We feel a duty of care to provide you with a high level of the support needed to grow your implant knowledge. We are always contactable and our door is always open.

We will provide quarterly top-up training to further expand your knowledge in this ever changing subject.

If you feel this sounds like you and you are interested, please apply.

Implant Restorative Training FAQ

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