Sandra’s Full Arch Dental Implant Journey

    Dental Implants Patient Background

    Sandra thought her teeth were appalling, she never wanted to smile and was always embarrassed to talk to people, so she would have her hand over her mouth to cover her teeth.

    We had about 3 separate detailed discussions of her treatment options before she decided that replacement of all her remaining teeth with dental implants

    Orthodontics Patient Treatment

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    Extraction of the teeth and Implant placement.

    All remaining teeth were removed, 6 implants were placed in her upper jaw, and 4 in her lower. Gum grafts were also done to ensure long-term implant health. Temporary bridges (upper and lower) were made for Sandra so that she could leave to go home with teeth the same way she came into the surgery with teeth.

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    Patience and healing

    We allowed 3 months healing time before we could fit in her porcelain teeth.

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    Compulsory absolute gum care

    Ongoing implant maintenance throughout the healing period and ongoing attendance for maintenance with the hygienist.


    Dr Ope’s treatment plan has “completely transformed Sandras’ life”. She now feels at ease and very confident again after all the years of having her hand in front of her mouth.

    I would recommend Ope. He is an absolute perfectionist and has a great team behind him.
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