Simon's Dental Implant Journey

Removable Dentures

Dentures have been used to replace teeth for centuries and one of the main reasons dental implants gained wide acceptances in the 1980s was because of the huge number of patients with problematic dentures.

The scientific evidence is now extremely clear that 2-3 dental implants to help retain a lower denture is life changing. In fact, the World Health Organisation now says that all patient that do not have teeth should have 2 implants in the lower jaw to help stabilise will fitting upper and lower dentures.

Dental Implant Patient Background

Since a young age, Simon did not have back teeth. He suffered with lots of abscesses pains and constant visits to the dentists.

This eventually led to the extraction of his upper teeth and replaced with dentures. Simon did not have the best experience with dentures and suffered them for about 5 years until he was referred to us at London Dental specialists.

After detailed discussion with Simon we advised him to have removable implant dentures. We were confident that this would eliminate any issues and unpleasant experiences Simon had been suffering for the past years. See Dr Ope’s blog for more details.

Dental Implant Treatment Process

Denture consultation & examination

During the first denture consultation, Dr Ope found that Simons old dentures in the upper jaw are very old and worn, the teeth on the dentures did not look great either. In the lower jaw, Simon had some really badly broken down teeth with old fillings. The Main issues that were identified in this consultation were; loose upper denture & failing lower teeth.

Removal of old teeth

Simon was then booked to have all the lower teeth removed and 3 implants were placed in the lower jaw.

Production of new dentures

A new set of beautiful, well-fitted upper and lower dentures were made for Simon whilst the dental implants were healing.

Fitting of new dental implant retained removable dentures

The removable dentures were fitted onto the dental implants as soon as the dental implants had healed.

Successful Removable Denture Results

Simon's denture treatment took 5 months from start to finish.

Simon refers to Dr Ope as the most reassuring dentist he has ever visited.

Simons results have been life changing, he now has so much more confidence and proudly smiles to show off his new teeth.

Please see Simon’s video testimonial here.

If something went wrong, there's no way they could make any money but of course nothing went wrong because he did everything perfectly!
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