Are Dental Hygienists the Same as Dentists? Find Out Now!

    Difference between Dental Hygienists/Therapists and Dentists

    Are Dental Hygienists the Same as Dentists? Find Out Now!

    There can be some confusion when it comes to dental appointments and we hope that this blog will clear up any uncertainty (Read about the different dental roles here). Your hygienists’ main priority are your gums and helping to prevent and treat gum disease. This involves providing you with tailored oral hygiene advice and recommendations.

    Your dentist is there to check your teeth for any decay and take any x-rays that may be indicated. This task can also be carried out by your hygienist, if he/she is a qualified dental therapist but this is usually made clear to you at the time of booking your appointment.

    There are certain things that a dental therapist or hygienist cannot diagnose that will be in your best interests and you will need to see a dentist for these (read about the importance of regular check ups).

    One of the most important checks all dental clinicians (dentists, hygienists and therapists) carry out is a mouth cancer screening, this is done at every appointment and can be life saving. Regular appointments with your dental hygienist/therapist or dentist is crucial to spot the signs of mouth cancer early. A common misconception is that patients with full dentures (top and bottom) do not need to visit the dentist. Mouth cancer can still affect these patients, therefore it is paramount to have regular check ups. They could save your life or a loved one’s life.

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