What is the best teeth whitening treatment?

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    What is the best teeth whitening treatment?

    What is the best teeth whitening treatment?

    If a brighter smile is something you are interested in it may be confusing seeing so many products available in the shops. Every brand of toothpaste has its own whitening line, with some having multiple products within the same brand. It’s no wonder people get overwhelmed and try out so many different products and are disappointed by the results. To save yourself time and money trying out new toothpastes, look no further because the only way to get a whiter, brighter smile is to get your teeth professionally whitened by your dentist or dental hygienist. That’s how simple it is.

    Does tooth whitening weaken my teeth?

    Teeth whitening (done by a dental professional) does not weaken your teeth or damage your enamel. In fact, it is far safer to have your teeth professionally whitened than using a whitening toothpaste (which does not whiten teeth anyway!). These whitening toothpastes/products tend to be very abrasive and can cause wear on your enamel if used over a long period of time.

    How can I get my teeth whiter fast?

    Like many things in life, if you want great results then there is no ‘quick fix’. There are many different professional teeth whitening systems on the market and depending on your needs, your dentist or hygienist can talk you through the different options. With all the systems available, you will need to have custom fitting whitening trays made which will allow you to safely whiten your teeth at home over a period of time. This will get you the best results.

    How expensive is professional tooth whitening?

    You may automatically assume that professional tooth whitening is unaffordable. However, for a safe and guaranteed brighter smile, the cost of tooth whitening when compared to the amount of money wasted on shop bought products is very reasonable. Once the custom-made trays have been made for you, they are yours to keep. This means that future whitening ‘top ups’ involve you purchasing only the gel. It’s that simple.

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