Can Diabetes Affect Your Gums?

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    Can Diabetes Affect Your Gums?

    There is now very good evidence from around the world that diabetes can affect your gums and cause gum disease (periodontitis).

    If your diabetes is well controlled (HbA1c between 6.5- 7% or lower), then you are like every other non-diabetic patient i.e. your risk of gum disease is normal.

    But if your diabetes is poorly controlled (HbA1c >10%) then your risk of developing gum disease (which is a leading cause of tooth loss) is massively increased. This is because patients with uncontrolled diabetes get more severe gum disease compared with non-diabetics. There is also very good evidence to show that the presence of severe gum disease makes is much more difficult to control your blood sugar i.e. the gum disease and diabetes make each other worse!

    I am confident that we can help you break the cycle of uncontrolled gum disease (periodontitis) and diabetes.

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