Case Study – Loose Crowns and Teeth Grinding

Very careful consideration of a patient’s bite is supremely important in all aspects of dentistry. Clenching and grinding our teeth when we sleep is extremely common and (like this patient) many of do not know that we are clenching/grinding until we start breaking teeth/crowns and bridges.

This excellent patient was referred by a colleague 2 years ago for dental implants and he managed to fracture them during the first COVID19 lockdown in the UK. We therefore decided to replace all his upper teeth with dental implants (Dr Ope Sodeinde), braces in the lower jaw (Dr Ciara Ennis) and dental implants to replace the lower back teeth.

Although we had extensive discussions about whether a 72-year old needed this extent of treatment, I am really glad that the patient and my referrer agreed to have this extensive treatment because the video shows that the patient managed to fracture his temporary implant bridge (very very rare indeed) within 3 weeks. I am so glad that the team at London Dental Specialists are able to carry out such complicated treatment with ease and we look forward to showing you the final results.

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