Amy’s Invisalign Journey

    Invisalign Clear Brace Treatment in London

    Invisalign is a great alternative and an efficient orthodontic option for people who don’t want to wear conventional braces. The treatment consists of a series of custom -made plastic aligners that are changed every two weeks until the teeth are gradually moved into the desired position.

    Patients are often told that they are not suitable candidates for Invisalign treatment, but studies show that Invisalign can treat up to 80% of all orthodontic case. This success rate is of course achieved only in the hands of an expert who understand the biology of tooth movement.

    Invisalign Patient Background

    Amy is a lovely 24 year old who has always been self-conscious about her smile. She came to see Dr Ciara for a second opinion as her previous general dentist told her that the only way to fix her misaligned teeth was with conventional braces.

    Amy is works as a fashion model and she didn’t want the fixed braces to have an impact on her career. She preferred to explore all the orthodontic options and felt very reassured when Dr Ciara presented her with the Invisalign option.

    Invisalign Treatment

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    Invisalign consultation

    After a detailed examination, Dr Ciara concluded that Amy was a good candidate for Invisalign and discussed the treatment plan and the payment options.

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    3D Simulation of the result

    A digital model of Amy’s teeth was created with the aid of the iTero 3d Digital scanner and she was able to see how her teeth would look at the end of the Invisalign treatment.

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    Invisalign clear braces

    Amy received a set of 20 custom made aligners (only 3 sets were given at a time) and was instructed to wear each set for 22 hours a day and to move to the next set every two weeks.

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    Invisalign follow up appointments

    Our specialist orthodontist saw Amy every 6 to weeks to check on her progress and to hand over the next set of Invisalign clear aligners

    Orthodontic retainers

    A combination of fixed and removable retainers were given to the patient to prevent the teeth from moving back.

    Invisalign Results

    Amy has received the smile that she always dreamed for and it also boosted her confidence level.

    Our specialist orthodontic team is very happy for playing an important role in making Amy smile with confidence using Invisalign Clear Aligners.

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    Amy's invisalign patient story before invisalign clear braces in London Amy's invisalign patient story after invisalign clear braces in London
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