Andy’s Ceramic Braces Journey

    Orthodontic Ceramic Braces in London

    Both metal and ceramic braces serve the same purpose for teeth straightening with the only difference being the discreet design that ceramic braces are characterised by.

    You may also be curious to know that Tom Cruise was one of the celebrities who opted to correct his misaligned teeth with ceramic braces.

    Orthodontics Patient Background

    Andy is one of our lovely patients who has always been bothered with the appearance of his teeth. He didn’t like the idea of having metal braces purely because of aesthetic reasons.

    Andy’s First Impressions

    Andy felt reassured from the first moment he met Dr Ciara. Her gentleness and kindness made Andy entrust his treatment in her meticulous and experienced hands.

    Orthodontics Patient Treatment

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    After a detailed examination, Dr Ciara concluded that Andy was a suitable candidate for ceramic braces. This was mainly because Andy could not commit to remembering to wear Invisalign for 22 hours per day. A full mouth x-ray and moulds of the teeth were taken in order to correctly diagnose and provide an accurate treatment plan for the patient.

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    Fixed ceramic braces

    Andy had to wear the ceramic braces for only 7 months for correcting his misaligned upper and lower teeth.

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    A combination of fixed and removable retainers that our lovely patient has to wear to prevent his teeth from moving back to their original position.


    Andy couldn’t wait to show off his new smile. He says that he smiles more often now and having orthodontic treatment was the best decision he ever made. He started to be very diligent about his oral health and he never misses any follow up appointments. Being extremely impressed by Dr Ciara’s work he has recommended her to his family and friends.

    Dr Ciara and the team at London Dental Specialists are happy for contributing in creating a perfect and beautiful smile and are waiting to share with you many other inspirational stories of our beloved patients.

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    braces after
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