Is Tooth Extraction Really Necessary?

    Is Tooth Extraction Really Necessary?

    Specialist root canal treatment in London

    Shanaz is a young professional who looks after her teeth and has a broad smile. She regularly attended her dentist as she knew she had lots of fillings that needed maintenance.

    The trouble is, like many of us (including our practice owner), has a sweet tooth, which led to tooth decay.

    Her dentist said she might lose the tooth, which worried Shanaz as she has a big smile, and she hated the thought of a gappy smile. She was referred to a local specialist and this local specialist confirmed that the tooth would need to be extracted.

    Root canal patient self-referral

    Even though she had been told that her tooth could not be saved, she remained determined and carried on her research because she felt she was too young to have a tooth removed.

    She found us via YouTube and referred herself to London Dental Specialists for a second opinion.

    Root Canal Treatment Process

    smile mate step 1
    Root canal initial consultation

    Ope completed a full consultation, took several x-rays and expressed his optimism to save her tooth.
    It required a gum specialist to carry out a small procedure (crown lengthening surgery) before a root canal specialist to carry out the root treatment.

    This multidisciplinary approach (two heads are better than one) led to an excellent outcome for Shanaz.

    smile mate step 2
    Crown-lengthening treatment

    Delicate surgery around the affected tooth to expose more tooth surface so the root canal specialist can have excellent access to the tooth for the root treatment.

    smile mate step 3
    Root canal treatment by our endodontic specialist

    Root canal treatment was carried out by our root canal expert Dr Neha Patel.

    london dental implants
    Dental crown fitted

    Crown fitted to protect the tooth from future fracture.

    Root Canal Treatment Results

    Shanaz is over the moon with her result. A saved tooth and without extraction. The team was pleased to find a solution and save a tooth where other dentists have struggled.

    I am ecstatic and grateful to the team at London Dental Specialists for their expertise in saving my tooth. They were amazing!
    london dental specialists team

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