Maisie’s Gummy Smiles Journey

Gummy Smile Treatments in London

When we describe a smile as beautiful, we instinctively notice the colour, shape and alignment of the teeth as well as the perfect amount of gum surrounding the teeth. A perfect set of straight and white teeth is not enough to create a great smile and the health and appearance of the gums is equally as important.

A gummy smile happens when a patient shows too much gum when they smile. It is caused by a couple of different reasons and it is important to identify the correct reason so that the correct treatment can be carried out.

Gummy Smile Patient Background

Maisie is a 24 year old who had always been unsatisfied by her gummy smile. Maisie simply refused smiling when she was around other people. She came to see Dr Ope after a sub optimal result by another dentist.

Gummy Smiles Patient Treatment

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A detailed examination of the gums and the teeth was done by Dr Ope for a very accurate and detailed diagnosis and treatment planning. This revealed that her gummy smile was mainly caused by altered passive eruption. This diagnosis response very well to crown lengthening surgery. See Dr Ope’s blog for more information.

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Crown lengthening surgery

The unnecessary gum tissue was removed surgically, revealing the full crowns from 10 upper teeth and the patient was left with very fine sutures

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Suture removal

After a healing period of 3 weeks, the sutures were gently removed

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Gummy smile follow up appointments

Follow-up appointments are made to ensure the health of the gums and the teeth are kept at an excellent level.

Gummy Smile Treatment Results

Maisie is stunned by the results achieved at London Dental Specialists. She is no longer embarrassed about her “gummy teeth” and has the confidence to smile to the world.

It is fascinating to see how a non-invasive procedure had such a big impact and made so many positive changes in someone’s life.

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