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About Us


We want your patient to be able to access the best quality care to transform their dental health. Our London Dental Specialists team encompasses skills and expertise from all the areas in dentistry needed to provide the most up to date and advanced care in the dental world.

Whether your patient is concerned about a missing single tooth or has a complex long standing gum problem, we can help. From single tooth implants to a full mouth rehabilitation, we can help your patient achieve the best dental health possible.

We treat everyday people with problems that they and you, their dentist, may not be able to overcome. We are here to help, not to judge, we understand there are limitations with time, equipment and materials in general practice.

Concerns your patient may have
  • Missing teeth and unsightly gaps
  • Aggressive periodontitis
  • A worsening periodontal problem requiring extractions and replacement teeth
  • Ill fitting dentures with difficulty eating and chewing
  • Malocclusions and crowded or spaced teeth
  • Excessive erosion, attrition or abrasion
  • Gummy smile and gingival recession
  • Repeat endodontic problems or difficult endodontic cases

Dr Ope Sodeinde

Principal Dentist – London Centre for Periodontics & Implant Dentistry
Specialist in Periodontics

During his final year of Dental School at Manchester University Ope treated a patient with Amelogenesis Imperfecta. His patient didn’t speak much and finally after a year of treatment and a fabulous transformation his patient started to speak and wouldn’t stop!  It was this experience that profoundly changed Ope’s thinking about his chosen profession. He realised he had been given an opportunity to change peoples’ lives. He also knew that to do this he would need to embark on further study and gain more experience and so began Ope’s journey to become a specialist. Since 2012 he has been working from our beautiful clinic in Central London changing lives and seeing lots of happy smiles!Our Approach

Advanced treatment procedures require exceptional collaboration with the referring dentist, thorough assessment and treatment planning, careful management of patient expectations and precise execution of the treatment procedures.


Advanced therapy is best carried out in defined treatment phases which require a systematic approach to treatment planning. At the initial consultation we assess the extent and severity of the problem. We will take into account the patient’s expectations and wishes and patients will receive written information regarding the nature, cost, and timescale of treatment, together with the alternative options open to them.


We take the time to explain various treatment options with our patients using images and models to help us.
We develop an individual risk profile for the more advanced periodontal cases so that we can more closely monitor patient progress.


We lean towards preserving natural teeth wherever possible and we are circumspect about recommending the restoration of every single edentulous space in a patient’s mouth.

Our Philosophy

London Dental Specialists exists to change the lives of our patients and referring dentists by providing the very best dental service available in the world.

London Dental Specialists Values. All our team:

Have a love for dentistry

Are engaging and warm with patients, referrers and each other

Exercise diligence in everything we do

Have robust professional ethics

Have a desire to really really really want to be at the top of their game

Have a willingness to adapt and help in all situations


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