Treatment Options for Gummy Smiles
Surgery (gingivectomy)
– Botulinum toxin A injections
– Micro-autologous fat transplantation (MAFT)
– Botox lip flip (lasts for an average of 6 months)
Orthognathic surgery (for gummy smiles caused by skeletal abnormalities)
– Lip repositioning technique (surgical procedure to improve smile harmony)
– Intrusion of anterior teeth (to improve smile esthetics)
– Gingivoplasty (reshaping gum tissue for a more balanced smile)

Safety and Efficacy of Botox
– Botox is considered one of the safest and most widely used injectables
– Botox (BTX-A) has been successful in treating gummy smiles
– Botox is usually injected in the three lip elevator muscles that converge on the lateral side of the ala of the nose
– Botox reduces the upward movement of the lip, resulting in less gingival exposure
– Botox is effective in reducing excessive gingival display

Clinical Parameters and Diagnosis of Gummy Smiles
– Clinical parameters are useful for diagnosing and determining the appropriate treatment approach
– Diagnosis involves assessing the amount of gingival display during smiling
– Diagnostic tools and techniques include photography and radiographic analysis
– Evaluation of smile esthetics is important in diagnosing and treating gummy smiles
– Assessment of lip dynamics and muscle activity helps determine the underlying cause of gummy smiles

Research and Studies on Gummy Smiles
– Studies evaluating the effectiveness of different treatment options
– Systematic review and meta-analysis on the duration of effectiveness of Botulinum toxin type A
– Research supporting micro-autologous fat transplantation as an effective treatment
– Studies exploring the surface anatomy of lip elevator muscles for botulinum toxin treatment
– Research on the safety and efficacy of various treatment modalities

Other Treatment Options for Gummy Smiles
– Orthognathic surgery (for skeletal abnormalities)
– Lip repositioning technique
– Intrusion of anterior teeth
– Micro-autologous fat transplantation (MAFT)
– Gingivoplasty (reshaping gum tissue)

Gummy smile (Wikipedia)

Gummy smile, also known as excessive gingival display, is a smile that shows gum under the upper lip. It is a common clinical condition, which can be caused by an abnormal dental eruption (delayed passive eruption), hyperfunction of the upper lip elevator muscle, excessive vertical growth of the maxilla bone, over-eruption of the maxillary anterior teeth, or a combination of the above described factors. Several treatment options have been proposed to enhance the smile display and to reduce the gingival exposure.

A case of severe gummy smile as seen in a young woman
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