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What is a sinus lift procedure?

A sinus lift, also known as sinus augmentation, sinus graft, or sinus floor elevation, is an oral surgery procedure that increases bone volume in the upper jaw near the molars and premolars. The maxillary sinus membrane is elevated to create space for the additional bone, enabling the placement of dental implants for St George in the East residents.

Why is sinus augmentation needed for dental implants in St George in the East?

Sinus floor augmentation is often necessary before placing dental implants in the upper jaw, of St George in the East residents, due to:

  • Insufficient bone height
  • Bone resorption after tooth loss
  • Jaw bone atrophy
  • Maxillary sinus proximity

Sinus lift surgery increases bone volume and density, providing a stable foundation for implant placement.

What are the different sinus lift techniques?

At London Dental Specialists, our experienced periodontists and oral surgeons perform sinus lifts using various techniques, including:

  1. Lateral window technique
  2. Osteotome technique
  3. Transalveolar technique
  4. Piezosurgery
Technique Description
Lateral window Creating an opening in the side of the jaw to access the sinus cavity
Osteotome Accessing the sinus through the implant site using special instruments
Transalveolar Lifting the sinus membrane through the implant site using specialised drills
Piezosurgery Using ultrasonic vibrations for precise bone cutting and membrane lifting

What types of bone graft materials are used in sinus lift procedures in St George in the East?

The space created beneath the lifted sinus membrane is filled with bone graft material, which can be:

  • Autograft (harvested from the patient’s own body)
  • Allograft (donated human bone)
  • Xenograft (derived from animal sources, e.g., Bio-Oss®)
  • Alloplast (synthetic bone substitutes, e.g., Straumann® BoneCeramic)

What are the steps involved in a sinus floor elevation procedure in St George in the East?

For St George in the East residents, the steps include:

  1. Consultation and treatment planning with CBCT scanning
  2. Surgical access to the maxillary sinus cavity
  3. Lifting the Schneiderian membrane (sinus membrane)
  4. Placing the bone graft material beneath the elevated membrane
  5. Closing the surgical incision with sutures
  6. Healing period (3-6 months) for bone graft integration
  7. Dental implant placement in the augmented bone

What is the recovery time after a sinus graft surgery?

Recovery after a sinus augmentation procedure varies but generally takes 3-6 months. Patients may experience some swelling, discomfort, and minor bleeding following the surgery. Our team at London Dental Specialists provides detailed post-operative care instructions and follow-up appointments to ensure a smooth recovery.

Are there any risks or complications associated with sinus floor elevation?

As with any surgical procedure, sinus lift surgery carries some risks, including:

  • Schneiderian membrane perforation
  • Postoperative infection
  • Excessive bleeding
  • Delayed healing or graft failure
  • Maxillary sinusitis

However, at London Dental Specialists, our skilled surgeons and state-of-the-art facilities minimise these risks, and complications are rare.

How much does a sinus lift cost in St George in the East?

Residents of St George in the East can expect a sinus lift to cost £2000 on average. However the cost varies depending on factors such as the extent of surgery required, the type of bone graft material used, and the number of implants needed. To get an accurate quote for your specific case, book a consultation with our specialist team at London Dental Specialists.

What is the success rate of dental implants placed after a sinus lift?

Dental implants placed in augmented bone following a sinus lift procedure have a high success rate, comparable to implants placed in native bone. At London Dental Specialists, we offer a 10-year warranty on our dental implants, reflecting our confidence in the long-term success of our treatments.

Why St George in the East Residents choose London Dental Specialists for Sinus Lift.

  • Team of registered specialist dentists, including periodontists, oral surgeons, and implantologists
  • Purpose-designed clinic equipped with advanced technology, such as CBCT scanning and Piezosurgery devices
  • Extensive experience in sinus lift surgeries and dental implantology
  • Comprehensive care, from initial consultation to final restoration
  • Use of premium bone graft materials and dental implant systems, such as Straumann®, Nobel Biocare®, and Astra Tech®
  • Exceptional patient care and customer service, with over 150 5-star Google reviews and 50+ video testimonials

How can I book a consultation for a sinus lift at London Dental Specialists?

To book a consultation for a sinus lift at our Primrose Hill, Central London clinic, you can:

  1. Fill out contact form above or below.
  2. Call our friendly reception team at 02075897792
  3. Use our online booking system to schedule a free virtual consultation with one of our treatment coordinators.

Don’t let insufficient bone prevent you from enjoying the benefits of dental implants. Contact London Dental Specialists today to learn more about our sinus lift services and start your journey towards a beautiful, healthy smile that lasts a lifetime.

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Sinus Lift St George in the East FAQ

What is a sinus lift?


Sinus lift, also known as a sinus augmentation, is a surgical procedure performed by a dentist or oral surgeon to increase the amount of bone in the upper jaw to allow for the placement of dental implants.

When is a sinus lift needed?


A sinus lift is typically needed when there is insufficient bone height in the upper jaw, particularly in the sinus area, to support a dental implant.

How is a sinus lift procedure performed?


A sinus lift procedure involves lifting the sinus membrane to create space for bone graft material, which will promote new bone growth. The area is then allowed to heal before dental implant placement.

Who can perform a sinus lift?


A specialist in periodontics, oral surgery or prosthodontics usually performs a sinus lift procedure.

What are the benefits of a sinus lift?


A sinus lift can help individuals with insufficient bone in the upper jaw to still be eligible for dental implant treatment, improving the success and longevity of the implants.

Is a sinus lift a painful procedure?


Local anaesthesia is used during a sinus lift procedure, so patients typically do not feel pain during the surgery. Some discomfort and mild swelling may occur post-operatively.

Are there any risks or complications associated with a sinus lift?


Potential risks of a sinus lift include infection, sinusitis, sinus perforation, and complications with the bone graft material. However, these risks are minimal with a skilled surgeon.



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