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Are you looking for a smile transformation but not sure what is required? You just know that you want your teeth to look and feel a lot better? Well you’re in the right place! Our team are very experienced in managing complex transformations.

The team at London Dental Specialists have years of experience behind them as well as multiple degrees at the highest level in the world.  We understand how to approach complex transformations and will work with you to deliver a safe, predictable, astounding result with the longevity you would expect. Cases like these require the expertise of all our specialists, a periodontist, implant surgeon, prosthodontist, endodontist and orthodontist and you can have their expertise for just one fee of £180 for your consultation.

We work together, collaboratively, because we know this is the way forward to deliver the dentistry and care you deserve to transform your teeth and change your life.

If you would like to find out how we can change your life please call or complete a contact form, one of our team will be in touch to start your journey.

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Our Smile Makeover Patient Stories

Hear for yourself the experience our patients had receiving smile enhancement treatment at London Dental Specialists

london dental specialists team


How can you improve my smile?

Our team have years of experience and are highly qualified to be able to offer you the very best of solutions to improve your smile. Understanding the problem is the first step and we will work with you to offer a solution that suits you, your budget and your lifestyle choices.

Isn't a smile enhancement very expensive?

Understanding the problem is so important in offering a range of solutions that fits your budget. It may be that a very simple change cab elicit a big difference for you or we may require to place implants, crowns or move teeth to improve your smile. You can be reassured though, that we will work collaboratively as a team to offer you the best solutions to really not only transform your smile but also your life, are you ready for the change? Get in touch soon.

Will I need to see lots of different specialists to find the right solution?

We are fortunate to have all the specialists you require to effect a life changing smile enhancement and the great news is you just pay one consultation fee for us all. We work collaboratively together to deliver world class dental care that truly will change your life.

Help, I don't like my smile but don't know what is wrong!

Don’t worry you don’t need to know what is wrong with your teeth, we will manage all that! The important aspect is to get in touch with our team with your concerns so we can see you and assess the problem and provide you with a solution. For one consultation fee you have access to all our specialists, we look forward to helping you.

specialist dentists london area

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